Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11

8.0 in 1:07:39, 8:27 ave.  After feeling like my immune system was a bit down at times yesterday (a bit worn out from the previous day's run, maybe), I was eager to run all day today and was looking forward to getting some freedom time once I left work.  For some reason, I was craving the treadmill... a firm but ever so slightly cushy ride... most of all, even.  I think my stabilizers are worn and scared after Monday's run, not that I haven't done the same run before a number of times in the past... maybe it's that plus the back-to-back weeks of racing in racing shoes.  Or maybe it was the new insoles I tried for the second time on Monday's run.  Anyway, I was actually looking forward to time on the treadmill.

Got home at 6:45ish, ate cereal and milk, caught up on last night's Biggest Loser (one of the coolest episodes of all time, I think, with really interesting challenges)... okay, rabbit trail... they had a "test" with 5 components, 4 of which were one-on-one with the four trainers.  Each trainer tested a different aspect of what the contestants have learned during the season:

1. With Bob, the cardio master, the contestants had to teach him how to spin, as if he was a beginner.  That's a great idea, because first of all, they've learned so much and have had such a great opportunity being on the ranch that they'll likely want to pass along the knowledge that they've gained.  Being able to teach beginners is a good skill.  Not only do you want to know the technical aspects of the activity, like how to get someone fitted with a spin bike properly, but you want to be able to explain why you need to adjust the seat to a certain level, for example.  You also want to be personable and think about what will help the coachee learn the best and to build their confidence and give them some direction.

2. With Brett, it was a test on nutrition.  When you understand the science, you can make better food choices.  I didn't know his dad was a prof at Princeton!

3. With Cara, it was about mental fortitude - having a fighter's attitude. 

4. With Jillian, it was about being able to help motivate someone and connect with them.  They role-played, where Jillian would explain her story... like "I've always been the one overshadowed by my siblings, and I feel like nothing I do is any good", and the contestant would ask questions and help to draw motivation for changing direction and seeing who they can become out of them.  Jillian's really good at that... I wonder if she's taken classes for that, or if she's just naturally good at that, or if her own personal experiences being formerly overweight and turning her life around gave her those insights and that ability to connect with and understand people.

It was really interesting.  Fitness is so multi-dimensional, and it makes you grow in all sorts of ways.  There's something challenging and interesting in it for everyone... the scientific mind can spend forever poring over studies on nutrition and physiology and test with themselves as the guinea pig.... the analytical/mathematical mind can chart the daylights out of all kinds of stats to draw up plans and find patterns to optimize performance and set good goals... the heart can find the joy of sharing this passion with friends... the soul can spend some time alone with God and your thoughts in the miles... the body gets to be what it was made to be and flourish... it's great.

Anyway... I watched BL, then went to the gym, in time to perhaps get the 10 in before the fitness room would close.  Well, even if I had the energy to do it (only made it to 8), I wouldn't have had time to fit in 10 anyway... maybe 9, but my body was done at 8.  Another day... sad - haha... my second failed attempt at 10.  Ehhh... oh well, base building with multiple decent-sized runs is just as good, I think.  There'll be plenty of time for LRs later on.

Treadmill, 1 degree, as usual.  77 degrees.
Splits> 8:45, 8:43, 8:42, 8:36, 8:30, 8:22, 8:11, 7:45.

Enjoyed a cold, juicy mango afterwards.  That was my motivation for the last mile.

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