Sunday, April 15, 2012

Apr 5-14 : Mixed Bag - p v

April 5 (Thursday):
Basketball w/ friends from church.  Played 2/4 games.  Worth maybe 20 min of workouts.  I ran around a lot, maybe more than I needed to, because I wanted to get more exercise bang for the buck.  Fun.  Arms a bit sore the next day.

Apr 7 (Saturday):
Long run - post-marathon distance record.  13.3 in 1:58:57, 8:57 ave.  Legs were stiff at the start, but it eeeeventually loosened up.  Ran in a new pair of the Asics Gel Evolution 5s... I've gone through 2, 4, 3, and 4 already, maxed out on mileage.  I wondered if my legs were feeling stiff lately because I've been running on shoes with lots of mileage on them and needed something with fresh cushioning.  It could also be that my legs themselves have had a lot of mileage on them from the last marathon buildup and need a real rest.  Thirsty at mile 10.  Thankfully, one of the water fountains was operational.  It would've been a suffer fest without it.  Why aren't they all operational at the main park in town? 

Apr 9 (Monday):
Teadmill intervals, 1 degree incline.  70 degree temps.  The console is still broken, so I went by time.  I can set the pace with buttons, so I could calculate the distance after the run.  I did 5min @ 7mph for a warmup, and about 3 x [3 min @ 9mph, 2 min @ 7.5mph], followed by 2 min @ 7mph for a cooldwn and 2 min @ 9mph because I still had something left.  Wore my lightweight Saucony Fastwitch for this.  I was working my legs more than my cardio system.  Had to work harder than usuual to make them move fast.  Oh yeah, I got 0 hours of sleep the previous night because of work.  That might've impacted the run.  3.2in 24:20, 7:28 ave.  Didn't last as long as I normally do.

Apr 10 (Tuesday):
55 min strength session. 

Apr 12 (Thursday):
Newton shoes arrived today.  They have lugs on them that's supposed to encourage forefoot landing and give you a bit of a spring action.  I tested out a pair at an expo... only got to run for super-short distances on concrete, so it was hard to feel it out.  Regretted not getting a pair then, but saw them on sale at, for $100 vs. $155, so got them.  I could feel the lugs a bit, but it was ok.  You're supposed to ease into it.  I did 3.9 mi in 32:08, 8:14 ave.  I can't seem to go as long these days.  My runs are short.  I usually feel the impacts of all-nighters for a week.  I wasn't sleepy during the week, but my performance seems impacted.
April 14 (Saturday):
Swim session.  My legs didn't feel like running today or yesterday.  In fact, I didn't feel like doing much in general today.  I still wanted a workout, but one that would give my legs a break - I kinda craved a swim.  I was afraid the water may be a bit cold, so I prepared for both a bike session and a swim session, and after feeling the water, I'd decide what to do.  Water seemed tolerable, so I changed into my swim suit.  Gradually eased my body in over a long time, moving as much as I could to warm my body up as I did it.  Cold... probably bordered on being swimmmable.  A year or two ago in March, I did a short swim session where it was colder than swimmable, and it was a challenge to stay warm the whole time. 

It was ok this time once I got moving, although it did get colder during the night, and the last of 4 sets was cold.  The workout: 4 x [3 laps Free, 3 laps Breast, 3 laps Back], 1 sprint lap Free.  It's a mini-pool, so one lap is short.  Total distance was 0.74, estimated.  43:45 total time.  On the first set's Back, I banged my head against the wall because the pool is peanut-shaped, and it's hard to spot where you're going.  It was 8pm when I got there, and there were no deck lights on for some reason.  There is a light in the water at either end, though, but that doesn't help much for Backstroke.  As I mentioned before, I got cold during the 4th set, otherwise I would've gone on.  After I got out, I was shiiiivering cold and a bit disoriented.  It was a bit causterphobic-feeling during the 3rd set, maybe because of the darkness.  Or a concussion from the wall?  Or the cold?  Or a lack of Oxygen from the final sprint?  Walked to my apt, took a long, hot shower.  Drank green tea and miso soup, ate a sweet potato and canned fish. 


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