Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mar 26-Apr 4: Clue about what I've been working on

Mar 26:
Recumbent bike - 13.4 mi in 50 min.  Legs were still recovering from previous day's run, but wanted some exercise.  Read magazine. 

Mar 27:
55 min Strength session

Mar 28:
Did a night run again (even though I said last week that I didn't plan on trying it again)... the treadmill and the bike were occupied.  This time, instead of dealing with darkness, uneven golf course terrain, and dogs, I stayed on the street and did a Fartlek to get in some speedwork.  I went by landmarks, rather than time.  Intervals tended to be about 0.3 mi on average, with about the same distance of rest.  Wore the Garmin and have those pace estimates, but I don't trust it that much.  4.4 in 32:53, 7:28 ave.  This was much more enjoyable than last week's run.  I had to do about 70% pavement and 30% concrete, though, to dodge cars.  I went at midnight, but there were still quite a few cars!!!  The temps were pleasant at 68 degrees. 

Mar 31:
Post-marathon long run distance record... 11.9 mi in 1:43:05, 8:41 ave.  Warm and humid that morning... supposedly 66-71 degrees, but it felt hotter.  No water or fuel necessary.  Was determined to go slow and just try to get in some distance.  As I was running, I secretly named each runner and walker I passed based on what Hunger Games characte they looked like.  My heart was pumping hard from the effort, maybe due to the heat. 

Apr 1:
Treadmill hills, 4.0 in 31:55, 7:59 ave.  74 degrees in the gym.  Did a 0.5 mi warmup in 4:08 @ 1 degree (7mph), then 3 x [1/4 mi @ 1 degree, 1/2 mi @ 5 degrees], at 7.5mph, then 1.25 mi of shakeout in 9:45.

Apr 3:
55 min Strength session

Apr 4:
Got in a treadmill run, after dragging myself out of a nap.  4.0 in 32:58, 8:15 ave.  Soooo tired.  The treadmill's monitor broke during the Apr 1 run, so I can't see all of the metrics anymore.  That will make a treadmill speed session harder... I'd just have to go by my watch and the pre-programmed speed settings.

Part of the reason I've been so tired is that I've been so hyped up on Hunger Games...

Here's a clue as to what I've been working on late into the night since Sunday ...

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