Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jan 29: 16 Before Rest Week - p

I had 2 rest days.  I normally would've tried to get the run inon Saturday if I felt fine enough, but I had to work for 6 hrs that morning.  I went to Saturday evening church, so Sunday morning was time to get in the run.  I ended up still feeling not particularly runny on Saturday, so it was just as well.  I have a rest week coming up next anyway, so this run could be pushed back a day without issues.

In the morning, I wanted to start the run at 7am, when there would be just enough light, to minimize sun exposure.  It took me a long time to wake up and drink and pack, though.  Yesterday, I felt like I had a fair bit of good carbs... kind of craved it.  I wonder if it was me/my body wanting to fuel up.  Anyway, I ate a half a Light cheese spread sandwich plus a bit of cheese and a big cup of decaf and one and a half big cups of water.  Eventually, I got out the door. 

It was 32 degrees in the morning.  At first, I thought I would need the face mask, since I had used it in the first part of a 29 degree cold run 2 weeks ago, but when I stepped out of the car, it felt fine enough without that and even the light gloves. 

My legs weren't feeling particularly sharp, but I was going to be plenty satisfied with even a slower run, since last week's 20.7 went well (8:51 pace)... the first run this marathon buildup that matched my paces from the last buildup a year ago.  That boosted my confidence, and I knew I could do it, no matter what happened today. 

I started running at 8:30 (late!)  In the first two miles, I took a couple of sips of water+salt+lemon  juice.  My hands were sooo cold holding that bottle.  The other hand had the extra long sleeve to cover most of it.  I stashed the bottle and continued on my run.  I didn't hit up the bottle again until the last 2 miles. 

I felt like the first 4 miles were a warmup.  After that, I started pressing it progressively more.  I listened to the House of Run podcast for the first time, and it was nice... a good way to mix it up... good dialog.  If I see an interesting topic in their playlist, I may try others in the future.  I normally listen to MarathonTalk, Phedippidations, and DirtDawg'sRamblingDiatribes the most during runs. I also like to listen to KelownagirlTris, ExtraMile, and TheMarathonShow sometimes. 

The Garmin ended up saying that I went 16.4, but using and checking and double-checking, I think I did 16.8.  I don't know why it's off so much. I did notice one time when it seemed to think it took me more time than it should've to notice about a quarter mile section.  I dunno.  I'm saying  16.8, though.

16.8 in 2:24:33, 8:37 ave.  Since the Garmin said 16.4, I thought I was going a bit slower.  But that sounds a bit more like it, given the effort.  I was pressing it about 90% during this run.  I know I was going to be okay with a slow run, but afte the 4-mi warmup, I started feeling good, and I figured that maybe it'll be one of my last few chances to really get in a quality workout before the tapering period.

I had a 100-Cal mini Clif bar at mile 6. 

Splits> 9:45, 9:02, 9:04, 9:32, 8:40, 9:46, 8:34, 8:05, 8:14, 8:29, 8:42, 8:49, 8:52, 8:36, 8:05, 8:43, 3:26 for 0.4.  I don't think it should really be that uneven.  Garmin issues, maybe.

I finished the run.  My legs were pressing the effort, but I was strong to the end, although that last uphill did challenge me.  I refueled with protein powder+cocoa+instant decaf, carrots, and half a grapefruit while in the car.  Once I got home, I spent like the rest of my waking day (other than a 2hr nap) refueling, it feels like. 

Good run.  Coming up: a pull-back week of 8, 8, and 7 easy (8:32 pace).

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