Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jan 26: Bike, Iffy Run Turned Good

Yesterday, it was time for a workout after a day off.  I started to run a few steps on the treadmill, but my legs felt too bangy, so I switched to the bike.  I biked slower but longer than usual - my right butt (really the piriformis) held up better and longer than it has in a long time.  It was mostly from fatigue that I finally stopped - not the butt.  65 minutes, covering 15.6 mi on the recumbent bike.  Going farther is easier and quicker on an upright bike than on a recumbent bike for some reason.  I much prefer upright bikes, but you work with what you have.

I didn't know how today would go run-wise.  It was time for another run.  I wore Kinvaras.  The thought of running on a treadmill again was unappetizing to my legs.  Maybe from the banginess.  They would've even preferred asphalt.  But the gym is easier than having to plan a route and put on the appropriate clothes and reflective gear and lights.  I wore the light and cushiony Saucony Kinvaras to make my legs feel better, and it was good.

I had to start VEEERY SLOWLY.  6.7mph.... record slow.  It was going to be a recovery run day.  Things naturally picked up over the course of the run, though, and things were chugging along nicely by the end. 

6.0 in 49:43, 8:17 ave.  2-mi splits> 17:34 (8:47), 16:34 (8:17), 15:34 (7:47)... coincidence.

I could've continued on if the gym wasn't closing and if I didn't have a Healthy Choice fudge bar right before the run.  Things got uncomfortable with 1.5 miles left, but I managed.

I tried to take a nap right before the run.  It was hard to drag myself out of bed.  I was tired today, but the run makes everything good.

I tried protein powder + skim milk for the first time today, and it was actually good.  I used to have it plain with water, and it was hard to drink.  Adding cocoa powder and instant decaf made it tolerable.  But skim milk was good, and skim milk and oatmeal is also good.

I tried practicing good form during the run.  High knee lift, butt kicks, head straight over body, arms not crossing the body, relaxed as best as I could (mostly in the arms).  It worked out pretty well.

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