Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jan 12: 25 Laps Around the Sun - p

I just finished my 25th lap around the sun. 

It's always nice to get Facebook posts.  I didn't expect it at all last year and was so happy each time I got one.  This time, I knew it was coming, but it's still really nice.  I don't do much on Facebook these days (no schoolwork to procrastinate from anymore), so I don't end up posting much to others, but it makes me want to do it more, knowing how much it brightens my day, whether I know someone well, or if I haven't talked to them in ages - all of them are special.

It was a run day, so my plan was to do 25 laps (on a treadmill)... and I decided to add "1 to grow", since I log my distances in tenths of miles, and 6.25 wouldn't do.  The effort was kind of harder than I would've thought, but maybe my body is a bit tired from all of the training.  I had to use a lot of arm movments to make it easier on my legs. 

6.5 in 53:05, 8:10 ave.  1 degree treadmill, 71 degree gym.

I made pancakes beforehand.  I like my pancakes.  100% whole wheat, and loads of bananas (3 bananas vs. 1.5 cups of flour) and dark chocolate.  I enjoyed one with sugar free syrup after the run.

Yesterday, since my legs were still a bit banged up from the HM race+strength day+ treadmill hills+rest day, I did a bike session.  It worked my heart good.  I made it through a whole hour with my butt tolerating it, which is like 15 min longer than it can normally stand.  I read Runner's World, and it was nice.

15.8 miles in 1 hr.

Sleep's been like 6.5 hrs/ night this week.  Not enough.  I still haven't unpacked from winter break, after 2 weeks, and I haven't completely cleaned my apartment yet, either. 

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lindsay said...

happy belated birthday! hope you have a productive weekend (if you want) of house cleaning :)