Friday, April 24, 2009

April 24

It's been 3 days since the epic 20 quarters run. The first day was a necessary rest day, the second day I think I would've tried a little recovery run except I was gone all day for an interview, and then the third day was filled with classes and other obligations. Tomorrow's either a 5K race plus a tournament, or just a tournament. I wanted to get my muscles used to moving again, training the new muscles to work (I think I gained some muscle mass after the run, either that or fat... fat's definitely a possibility, since I was eating until I was uncomfortable in the days following that run, either because sprinting does that to you, or because I was stressed about the interview, or just in need of energy because I was tired). I needed to get a binder from walmart and wanted to take a look at chocolate and workout clothes, too, so it was a good day for a junk miles shopping trip. 7.5 miles may be a bit long the day before a 5K if I do it, but at this point, it's been so long that I'm concerned about losing fitness if I don't do it.

Temps: 72ish. Tolerable during the run in a cotton tee and shorts, although I needed water at Walmart.

Splits> 9:59 t (slow!), 4:11 p, 4:01 h, 4:16 b (22:29), 4:37 x, 2:39 w (29:46)... started slow but sped up a bit... summertime times are slow, ran a/b a qurter mile here untimed, 4:53 wf, 4:24 b, 4:30 h, 4:13 p, 4:09 t, 9:45 2. Total: 1:01:44 for the 7.5 maybe a bit moreish miles, plus another 0.3ish untimed.

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