Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14

Long time no see!

Last week, the usual Monday and Wednesday field ulty's. Sat stank due to boo subbing. Sunday was a bit better, but only a game's worth of playing at best over the course of 3 games. Oh well.

Today, 40 min gym. My clothes are looser after a week of sleeping only every other night (and even on those nights that I did sleep, it was only 3-8 hours), eating not so often and not so much, and basically no exercise. I had essentially 5 rest days last week, if we don't count the lackluster Sunday of sectionals. On the bright side, maybe all of that rest time will help cure me of the plateau/ burnout/ overtraining that led me to run a worse than predicted 5K. I think that when I get back into running, there's going to be soreness. It's been so long. I registered for a 5K 2 weeks from now. Although I've gotten good rest, I think I've probably lost some fitness, so that race may even be worse than the previous one. Oh well, we're looking long term here. Hopefully the rest was a sufficient reset for me to restart training. And thesis is over, so I have more time for running.

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