Saturday, April 4, 2009

Race Report: 5eeK Justice Run

The 5K turned out to be more like a 4K because of race planning errors. I'm not complaining, though ;)

I ran the 2.52 miles (according to the Garmin) in 18:15, which is a 7:15 pace, far slower than the sub-7 I was hoping for. I'm not sure what happened. If I had kept up that pace for another 0.6 miles, I would have finished a 5K in 22:27. Yeah... not sure what happened. It's sub-23, though, so I'm happy. Last year, I did the 5K (it was actually 5K last year, I think) in 25/26ish, so this was an improvement. I slipped going onto the second loop in that clay type of mud. It was kind of exciting. I also had Jeremy Camp on. The winds did end up coming in strong from the west. Temps were good in spandex and the Nike tee. No splits, since miles weren't marked. I got fourth, about 50m behind the third place finisher. I don't think I could've caught up to her, so no regrets. It was a fun run.

Afterwards, some festivities: A strong wind blew lots of Booster Juice fliers everywhere, in a really dramatic fashion. There's no better place for that to happen than at a race, since volunteers started sprinting after them and collecting them. We picked them all up pretty quickly, and it was kind of amusing. Also, the KS performance got canceled since the winner's circle got moved up. Since Molly was sad to not get to hear us, NK and I sang the Be Thou duet for her, and then LD and I sang for her again.

/ Side note, today is Saturday. I took Friday off to taper, and on Thursday, I did 35 min strength, which included a 4 min plank, which left my arms a bit sore the next day. I felt good physically this morning, although a bit physically tired, even though I had a good 9 hours on Thursday and 5-6 last night. Probably just the morning - not used to running then, and it takes a bit to warm up.

// I just plotted the new point on my pace vs. distance graph... I've done a 7.5 milers at nearly the same pace than this... man. Oh well, tried my best. I thought other biological functions might've had something to do with it... so I checked this article: ....yeah I'm talking about that. And this is supposed to be a time of peak performance compared to other times, so it's not that... maybe.

/// It's kind of cool how Phedippidations has so many topics that I can fill my iPod with whatever I need more info about at the time. For example, when I started increasing the length of long runs, I listened to a few about long runs. When I was going for the sub-6 mile, I listened about the mile. For the 5K, I listened to ones about race strategies and running rituals. After my sub-optimal performance today, I'm filling it with ones on periodization and the burnt-out syndrome.

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