Thursday, May 14, 2015

RACE REPORT: Swamp Rabbit 5K 2015

I had no idea what to expect for this race.  It was about 10 days post-Boston, and my attempt at running on Wednesday was a no-go.  I may do ok, if I had residual fitness/endurance.  My legs were still recovering from some all-out action, though.

I got there early, to not have to rush like I had the last time that I ran the race.  Got a nice tech/cotton blend shirt.  Parked at a high school, sat in the car until the time got closer, since I didn't want to bake in the sun.  Since it was my usual dinner time, I was a bit hungry and had a bit of cheese, which would come back to bite me later on.

When it got closer to race time, I made the 0.5-mi-ish walk to the start, sat around for some time, then did a small warm up.  I definitely kept it short, since I had plenty of wear on my legs already.  I could feel like 100% of my muscle fibers were not up-and-running.

 At the race start, I ended up starting a the front of the 6-7 minute mile corral.  The gun went off, and after crossing the line, I had to put the brakes on, with the congestion and perhaps some corral derangement... but then it got better, and we started chugging along. I tried to keep the pace manageable.  Who knew when the legs would have enough.

In the last mile, I felt the pre-run cheese in my tummy, feeling like a rock.  I wasn't too far from the finish, t hough, ad made it through in 20:47, 6:44 average.  Fairly even pacing, too.  Nice.  Splits> 13:25 for 2 (6:43 average), 7:23 for 1.1.

Temps were nice that day... a bit cool, even.  The previous two times that I had done the race, it was hot.  The prize for age group was nice, too... a sheet metal lawn ornament-type thing.  The railroad spikes from previous years were also pretty neat and unique without being gaudy.  This is a really nice race, with a great post-race celebration with food and vendors and lots of people.

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lindsay said...

Great time for post-Boston! I did this one again, too, albeit about a minute behind you.