Thursday, May 14, 2015

Post-Boston Landing and Battlefrog Volunteering (Apr 20-30)

Life after Boston...

Back into action at work.  So much to do.  Miss being in Boston.  I keep thinking about how much I want to go back, to experience it again.  I sign up for the California International Marathon in December to take another shot at a BQ.  I didn't run at all the first week.  My legs took a beating, maybe because of what I pushed through during the last two miles as my calves were on the verge of cramping up.  I was in no rush at all to start running again, and I took a whole week off.  I feel like I was flying while I was in Boston, and it's a hard landing back to reality.

Battlefrog Carolinas...

Saturday, volunteered at Battlefrog in Carolinas, as an Elite Course Marshall.  I pointed the way for people, around a horse-shoe of a wading pound.  There was light to moderate rain.  It was fun to participate in obstacle course racing in this way.  People were muddy and cold, but I hope that it just increased the epic-ness of their experience and the sense of accomplishment afterwards.  It was a tough day to race, though, I'm sure.

It's good to have OCR's coming up to look forward to, along with a long-term goal of the CIM.  I also sign up to run the Disney Goofy Challenge, with a Marathon on Saturday and a Full on Sunday in January.  I'll jog the full with my dad and sister, who are going to go for their first marathon (and their first race greater than 5K... it'll be crazy fun and crazy challenging... can't wait... will be fun to train with them and be excited about the race together).

Sunday, Apr 26:
60 min strength session.  My body continues to want to eat produce... quality food.  My calves are still recovering.  The strength session went better than expected, though.

Monday, Apr 27:
First run back... 6.1 in 56:10, 9:08 average.  Body felt pretty good, form was decent.  Progressively sped up as the run went along.  0.75 mi splits> 14:57 for 2 (7:28 average), 7:11, 7:05, 7:00, 6:52, 6:46, 6:16.

Wednesday - tried to go on another run, this time on the treadmill, for my first run in new Adidas Boost shoes, but my legs were not at all up for it.

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