Monday, November 11, 2013

DC, Dela-where?, and Princeton

A happy, happy week...

Thursday, Oct 31 : Flight to DC, to visit a friend. 

Friday, Nov 1 : Drove to Milton, DE, and Rehoboth Beach, DE, to visit Dogfish Head Brewery and Brewpub.


Steampunk Treehouse

Beer-infused food
Power-walked to the beach, to touch the ocean before driving on to Princeton
Went to Pton for a conference on finding good community post-college.
It was good to catch up with friends... figuratively and literally.
(2.9 in 30:53, through some trails I wish I knew about back in the day)

Life post-college can be tough.  Some of us are in transition, at short-term gigs like internships or grad school, making it less enticing to go through the trouble of putting down roots.  Others may be more settled in one place, yet it can be a challenge to find community.  In the Real World, you don't live within walking distance of all your friends, and you don't get to navigate through shared experiences 100% of the time like you do in college. 
However, God has plans for us wherever he puts us.  The Body of Christ is a supernaturally assembled being.  What else can bring together such diverse people who wouldn't otherwise come together?  We must be the strangest looking family, but God calls all people.  And  not only that, we each have a special role to play, where even the most seemingly weak person or trying person is the most indispensable.  We all have some part to play in his perfect plan.  We also need community for the accountability, because we're all prone to wander, and if we don't address the muck inside each of our hearts, we can become hardened towards God's truth and grace.  From personal experience, I also know how peoples' mere presence can be a comfort and assurance in difficult times.  I'm very thankful for the family that God has given me.   Even those who I just met during this trip, I feel like I could've known them all my life.  Such are the ties between brothers and sisters in Christ. 
Monday, Nov 4:
Drove back to DC on Sunday.  Explored the Museum of Natural History on Monday.



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