Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oct 13-30: Life Post-Marathon

Sunday, Oct 13:
Napped and ate all day... call it recovering.  Felt good to run.  My body had been craving running yesterday.  It had been 1 week since I ran last, at the marathon.  I did 5.0 at 8:34 pace on a 2 degree treadmill (8:12 effort). 

Monday, Oct 14:
1 hr body weight strength session.  Trouble sleeping last night, maybe from the excessive napping.

Wednesday, Oct 16:
1 hr bike session.

Friday, Oct 18:
4 mi @ 8:53 pace at 3 degrees (8:10 effort).  Felt more difficult than it should've.

Sunday, Oct 20:
Run at the park, in the morning, pre-breakfast, because still full from late night eating (insatiable hunger).  Stopped a few times because a dog off-leash was a big bother.  Good thing I wasn't in training mode, or I would've been more irked.  Chilly at the start (50 deg), but I warmed up enough for the sports bra after 2 laps.  Calves sore today.  Slow start.  5.3 at 9:21 pace.

Monday, Oct 21:
5.0 at 8:26 pace, 2 degree treadmill (8:05 effort).  Legs were shaky driving home today - hard to keep foot plantar-flexed on either pedal... the run was ok, though.  Needed it, due to work.  Glad I did it, despite feeling blah prior to the run.  Needed it mentally.  Felt great afterwards. 

Tuesday, Oct 22:
1 hr bike session.  Same as last time - not very intense at all.

Wednesday, Oct 23:
1 hr body weight strength session.  Had record rep counts in many of the exercises and felt great.  I felt like I could do a fast short-distance race (up to 10 mi).  Work is tiring... I feel like if it wasn't for good overall health, I might have gotten sick.

Friday, Oct 25:
4.0 at 8:15 pace on a 2 degree treadmill (7:55 effort).  Monitor on the treadmill is broken, so you have to try very hard to see the distance.  My tummy was still digesting dinner, so the last mile was harder, cardiovascularly.

Sunday, Oct 27:
6.0 outside in the park, 8:56 pace.  Legs sore most of the day (same yesterday).  Had another active dream again.  Legs were feeling fresher, in time for the run, though.  It worked my cardio system a lot, even though it wasn't that fast.  Left knee cartilage complained a wee bit a few times, but not too bad.  Happy overall.

Tuesday, Oct 29:
4.0 at 8:19 pace.  For the past two days, my body has felt hot, while my hands have felt cold.  I've felt like I'm on the cusp of getting sick.  Too much work to do to afford to get sick, though.

Wednesday, Oct 30:
1 hr strength session.

Friends from our company from other countries visited, the week I got back.  I was really excited to see them again.  It's like the United Nations... South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Australia, China... all represented. 

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