Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving in ATL

After the disappointing HM, I drove to my sister's.  We had refrained from watching Catching Fire on opening night, so that we could watch it together.  I'm looking forward to March 2014, when the DVD will likely come out, when I can start watching it over and over again at home.

Lots of Modern Family, lying down, and eating, haha... she has a DVR.  Soooo much Modern Family.

On Tuesday (Nov 26), after giving my body a bit of HM recovery, I finally got tired enough of being sedentary.  I would've preferred to go to the gym, but my sister had to take the key when she went to work, so I did a Jillian Michael's Body Revolution workout via Youtube on my iPhone.  For light weights, I used two bottles of wine, and for a heavy weight, I used a cooler.  You do what you gotta do.  During the workout, the sets felt pretty short, so I was straining maybe only once.  I felt like I had moved around a little bit, but it wasn't the same as running.  I rounded out the workout with some extra strength exercises, to help keep my knees (which are affected by hip strength) happy. 

I was sore the next day, which was nice... upper arms, and legs.  It's good to shake things up and try different workouts.

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Wednesday, since my sister had to work the next day.  I roasted a Tofurkey with sweet potatoes and onions.  I was a bit horrified when I saw that the Lobsters that my dad had gotten were still alive... maybe I will become a vegetarian one day.  If they do have to die, maybe there's some quick and painless way to kill them.

(Poor Lobby)
I considered running that night, because my body wanted to, but my body was also tired and a little bit full, so I delayed it until the next day.
Hunger Games is giving me incentive to train again.  I LOVE training scenes in movies, haha.  It's always my favorite part.  I like taking pictures of gyms that I go to at hotels and apartments because one day, it would be fun to have my own gym.  Hunger Games would be a cool theme, now that I think of it.
I did a nice 7.0miler on Thursday, at 3 degrees of incline.  It had been 4 days since my last run, which was why it felt pretty easy.  8:24 ave pace, 7:44 effort after factoring in the incline.  Did some functional arm workouts afterwards, with the nice equipment that they had in the apartment fitness room.

Went shopping T-day night.  I was most excited about this:
Which has an uncanny resemblance to this:
Friday, another nice run.  5.0 mi in 41:16, 8:15 ave, on a 2 degree treadmill.

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