Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dec 29 - Jan 1 : New Year's in CHS - p

Dec 29 - Arrived in CHS.  Lower legs still sore from the tempo work.  Could've used a shakeout bike session, but I wasn't feeling particularly energetic that night and didn't bother.

Dec 30 - Did a psuedo LR to finish off the 3-part FIRST-style training week.  It was only 7.2 mi, but it was the longest run of the week.  I did it in 1:00:56, 8:27 ave, which was actually pushing it a bit.  Did the mostly grassy loop around the neighborhood.  I was still a bit sore prior to the run, but it was fine.

Dec 31 - Super-session at the gym.   40 min on the elliptical, followed by 40 min on a recumbent bike, all while reading Running Times.  MMM mmm, Good.  I actually had planned on doing only bike, but when I first arrived, the elliptical was the only equipment available.  My knees did surprisingly well on the elliptical, which I get a chance to venture out on maybe once per year.  The last 10 min of th eworkout felt kinda glycogen-depleted, and I was ready for lunch and re-fueling afterwards.

Back at home, I happily re-fueled on Overnight Oats with granola and nuts.  While doing so, I also logged my last workout of the year.

That night, party!

Jan 1 - No particular resolutions, but it was my last day in CHS, and I had really hoped to get to do a track session, so after sleeping in a bit, I ventured out.  It was cloudy, and I had a great session with the pyramid... 800 warmup, 4x100, 3x200, 2x400, 1x800, 2x400, 3x200, 4x100, with jog distances after each rep equivalent to the sprint distances (other than doing only 400 after the single 800).  It was the easiest that this workout has ever felt, which is awesome.  5.7 in 42:05, 7:23 ave.  Felt really good all day afterwards. 

After that, drove back to GVL, after stopping by the outlet mall.
A good start to the year!

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