Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jun 18-24 : Lovin' the Miles - p

This week, I had an increase in mileage.  Still no LR, but at least I'm building a base.  The miles have come pretty easily, which is good.

Monday, June 18:
Treadmill base run, with a bit of incline.  I alternated the usual 1 degree with 3 degrees with each mile.  I varied the pace, too, to not keep pounding my legs in the same way.   Speedwise, it was like two speedups.  Splits> 8:32@1, 8:29@3, 8:25@1, 8:21@3, 8:30@1, 8:30@3, 8:18@1, 8:11@3.  8 in 1:07:20, 8:25 ave. 

Before the run, my legs had been a bit achey, so I was actually going to go to the park to run on grass, but while pulling out of my apt complex, I realized that I had forgotten my Garmin, so I decided to turn around and just do a treadmill run.  This was after a 12-hr workday, so during the run, I tried to nap and really could've fallen asleep.  Once, I was jolted by hitting the side rail.  I drank lemon juice+salt water every 1.5 mi or so.  It was nice to have changes in pace and angle.

Tuesday, June 19:
I woke from my nap feeling groggy.  I was feeling bleh at work, but the feeling passed later.  My legs had felt like they were trying to recover during the workday, but by midnight, they really wanted to run, and run fast.  The only option then is a road fartlek, and somehow, this is the easiest that workout has ever felt.  It was warm, so I don't know why.  Maybe they're more used to the surface and the muscle patterns, now that I've done it a total of 3 times (about once every month and a half).  The "on" periods were between about 1/4 and 1/2 miles, on average.  4.4 in 33:04, 7:31 ave.  It was a good session, and I felt like I could've gone on, even, if I had wanted to.

I wore reflective bands above my calves this time, rather than around my arms.  It worked well, too.  Looking at the post-run photo, though, maybe I should wear some additional reflective gear for more visibility.

Thursday, June 21:
My legs felt pretty fresh, so it was a good chance to do an Insanity DVD.  I've done 18 days (3 weeks) of it so far.  You're supposed to do 2 months continuously, but my priority is running, and there's probably such thing as doing too many plyos in a row.  Anyway, I hadn't done it in a long time, so the squats were difficult.  My calves also got a lot of work in, with the jumping.  I didn't try to jump very high.  I just focused on keeping up with the DVD speed.  All the 18 times, I did the DVDs barefoot, since I don't wear shoes inside houses.  Since I decided to do it in the gym's weight room this time, so that I could jump and land freely, without worrying about disturbing my downstairs neightbor, I wore 0 drop shoes, so that my feet wouldn't get yucky, but I could still get a good feel of the ground and work on proprioception.

The day called for Pure Cardio + Cardio Abs.  Pure Cardio is intense.  The other DVDs have 30sec rests between sets, but this one only has a rest right after the 10min warmup.  After that, it's like 15 minutes non-stop, and it's tough.  Cardio abs was much, much easier. 

Friday, June 22:
Progression run.  Calves were sore today, due to Insanity.  Back and arms were also sore, though not as much as my upper calves.  The run felt really good, though.  I was motivated.  Splits: 8:1, 8:19, 8:13, 8:03, 7:45, 4:22 for 0.6mi.  5.6 in 45:15, 8:05 ave.  I was going to stop at 5, but I felt good, so I kept going for as long as it felt pretty comfortable.

Sunday, June 24:
I wanted to do a long run.  My calves are still really sore, especially when I plantarflex, but I felt like I had the endurance to at least cover the distance slowly.  I kept monitoring the weather forecast to see when it would be cloudy enough.  I was going to wake up early, but my calves were too tight then.  I read lts of My Life on the Run by Bart Yasso today to just relax.  It looked like it was going to be "mostly cloudy and 90 degrees" at 4-6pm, and it would be "partly cloudy" from 6-8pm, so I decided to go then.  It ended up being sunny for almost all of the run, boo.  Right at the end, it got cloudy, and I was like, awww.  I only made it 7.6 mi, stopping a mile short of a lap.  It was good to cool down by walking the last mile, but too bad I couldn't complete it.  I wore my Nathan Speed 4, although I only used 2 bottles (filled with water+salt+lemon juice and ice, although it was all melted and warm by the time my run started) so that I wouldn't have to carry around too much weight.  I did bring a normal bottle of plain water.  I drank it all.  At least the run was longer than an hour, though, which is the time needed to get any acclimatization benefits, I hear.  Long runs will come along when I need it to once marathon training starts.  7.6 in 1:09:10, 9:02 ave.

I tattooed my car this morning with stickers.

Even though I missed the cloudy weather and thought that was a waste (would've been a better workout without the sun, and I wouldn't be risking skin cancer), I figured that I had done my best at planning - 4-6pm had seemed the best time of the day.  It did start raining hard on my way home, though, so I guess it kind of worked out after all.

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