Tuesday, July 14, 2015

4th with the Fam and Cache Crazy (Jun 28-Jul 13)

Sunday, June 28:
60 min strength session.  Cuts from the previous day’s 10 mile trail race seemed to be healing well.  Got 10 hours of sleep last night, too!  Since I haven’t posted my routine in a while, here’s what I did: 650 crunches front-ways and per side, each; 185/185 abductor/adductor leg lifts, 25 military pushups tough but with decent form; 65 and 70 single-leg squats off a platform; 110 lower leg extensions (body weight), resistance bands for arms; 4-way resistance band for leg extensions; 45 and 35 14lb dumbbell row; 90s 6 inch leg lift off the ground while laying down; 30 superman; 30 tricep dips; 75 Russian twists.

Tuesday, June 30:
6 miles on the treadmill in 48:15, 8:03 average, 3 degrees = 7:26 effort.  In the mood to get training back on track, after doing a series of races and tapers since April and the Boston marathon.  Solid run.  Mile splits> 8:28, 8:19, 8:09, 8:01, 7:49, 7:26.  Work has been intense – my hand is starting to cramp after clutching the mouse so hard while on the computer.

Thursday, July 2:
6.0 in 58:17, 8:21 average.  Zombies, Run!  Legs felt used, and barely runnable.  Decent workout effort, but had to be careful not to verdo it.

Parents came to visit for the long weekend.  Went downtown and walked a lot in the heat, which tired my legs.  My dad was the one who first proposed the idea of geocaching.  He just had a milestone birthday, and he himself had researched GC but hadn’t tried it yet, so I got him a GC kit, with geocoins, travel bugs, and SWAG.
We went caching together – he’s better than I am.  It was fun, getting to do this with him.
Have also enjoyed the Womens’ World Cup very much.  Didn’t get to watch as many games as I would’ve liked, due to work-related travel.  Watched the 3rd place game with him.

Sunday, July 5:
8.0 in 1:06:57, 8:22 average, on 3 degrees of incline = 7:42 effort.  Did this while watching the pre-game show for the World Cup finals!  An easy 8.  Started slow and easy, since I wanted to be able to enjoy the TV coverage.  Was going to run outside with Zombies, but it had started raining – good excuse to stay in and watch the pre-game show.
The finals were awesome, by the way.  Felt bad for Japan.  Carli rocks.  Inspired me to want to start playing again, which I haven’t done since High School (albeit on the bench, most of the time).

Monday, July 6:
55 min strength session.  Legs not well enough to run.  After food coma nap after dinner.

Tuesday, July 7:
Intervals! 4.0 in 29:06, 7:16 average.  0.75 warmup in 6:13, 3x [0.75 mi @ 9mph in 5:00, 0.25 mi @ 7.5mph in 2:00], 0.25 mi cooldown in 1:52.  Nice to get in real speedwork ahead of next week’s 5K.  Glad to accomplish it.  Food coma had knocked me out again after dinner.  Had some tummy issues during the last rep, but made it.
Soooo wiped out at work over the next few days.  Don’t know what it is.

Saturday, July 11:
6.2 in 51:04, 8:13 ave.  Zombies at the park in the morning.  Had wanted to run last night, but slept through gym closing time, so looked forward to running the next day.  The run felt harder than it should’ve been, given the time elapsed since my last run.

Sunday, July 12:
6.3 in 55:32, 8:49 average.  Run at the park, sans Zombies… legs not well enough for them, and legs hadn’t been well enough to run in the morning, so this was in the evening.  Went without the podcast, even, since the Shuffle was out of batteries.  It was good, though… gave me time to mentally process emotions.  Highlight of the run, amidst working through stuff, were some HS kids who asked if I ran for their HS team… I responded that I was 29 (I’m actually 28, but I have trouble keeping track, now that the numbers are higher, and I don’t think that well while running sometimes), but I took it as a compliment.  Hard to believe… that’s close to doubling HS age!

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