Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

8 days of bliss... finally a break from work... although I still had to work a few painful hours.  Working on vacation... no fun.

Saturday, Nov 22:
Drove to Charleston.  Did a nice 11.2 in 1:37:03, 8:38 ave.  2.2 mi splits> 20:59, 19:47, 19:22, 18:49, 18:04.  Nice to throw it down without difficulty.  Could've done another lap if it wasn't getting dark.

Sunday, Nov 23:
An easy recumbent bike session of 65 minutes. 

Monday, Nov 24:
Track time!  To get ready for the races on Dec 6, I did the Pyramid workout.  My legs were not awake yet, so I did 3 warmup laps, instead of 2, followed by 4x100 with 100 jogs, 3x200 with 200 jogs, 2x400 with 400 jogs, 1x800 with a 400 jog, and back down.  It gets a bit easier to complete each time... still a challenge, but doable.  Played with another new Hero accessory - the stick.  6.2 in 46:50, 7:33 ave.

Wednesday, Nov 26:
Wasn't sure if I was physically or mentally ready for a treadmill hill workout or a long run, so Zombies was a perfect alternative.  I could take it mostly easy, have a shorter run, rack up supplies to build my virtual base, and have fun.  6.6 in 55:55, 8:26 ave.

Thursday, I painted.  I have to be in the right mood to paint.  It's relaxing and exciting in a way, but it also takes a lot of patience and concentration.

Friday, Nov 28:
55 min strength session in the morning.

Saturday, Nov 29:
Tried another Hero accessory: the bike attachment.  My dad biked behind me, while I did 6.6 in 53:32, 8:07 average... it was a tempo-y effort.  This is where I run my 2.2 mi loops around the neighborhood when I'm in Charleston.

Did another painting:

That night, a bird got in the house.  It had been sitting in a wreath on our door, and when my dad opened it, he heard something, but he didn't think much of it.  While he was gone, my mom and I tried to coax it back outside, but despite turning off the inside lights to get it to go outside into the darkness, it didn't leave.  

(can you spot the bird?)

When my dad came back home, we tried to make him move by shooting rubber bands at it, but even when we hit it, it wouldn't move at all.  We tried cornering it so that my dad could catch it in a plastic bag.  It finally worked, and we released him outside, unharmed.

The whole episode reminded me of this classic scene from Modern Family:

Sunday, we walked around downtown Charleston, with my new, significantly bigger 10" Paddington Bear.

(This is at the park where I took my first steps as a baby/toddler)

Monday, Dec 1:
Didn't get to run on Sunday because my dad said it was too late to go out at 10:30pm... still treated like a kid.

Ran the next morning, 6.6 in 57:38, 8:45 ave.  Did Zombies, which was good motivation to get out.

Now... back to the fray!

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