Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Recovery - Nov 15-20

Coming back to the US, I felt like I was coming home from a mission... the 2-yr task was accomplished.  I was practically jumping out of my office chair all week thinking about the upcoming holiday and a chance to rest at last.  Still had to clean up various issues and wrap up loose ends, but things were finally wrapping up.

Saturday, Nov 15:
Did Zombies, Run, at the park.  Tried out my new GoPro Hero chest strap, which I've considered using at the Boston Marathon, to capture the experience before and during the race, without having something flopping on my head the whole time.  I made the straps tight, to limit bouncing, but it did constrict my chest's ability to expand during inhalation a bit.  The video ended up oscillating left and right more than expected, too.  I'd also have to figure out a way to prevent the up and down movement that causes a clicking noise... we'll see.  If it ends up being a hot day with no chance of a BQ, I may go for the Hero.  Maybe I'll go for it anyway... we'll see.

(Starting the mission on the app, and starting my watch)

7.0 in 59:14, 8:39 ave.  Felt decent in terms of fatigue, despite the air travel the previous night.  Felt like it was an easy 7, no big deal... although it was because I only ran once in the past 5 days.

Sunday, Nov 16:
Zombies again.  Legs were stiff in the morning, but by mid-morning, I was tired but ready to run.  8.4 in 1:13:06, 8:42... another nice run that wasn't hard.

Tuesday was a busy day - interviewing people at work for work, then for college in the evening.  Could've run or done a strength session afterwards, but I was too physically and mentally fatigued.  I regretted it later, considering it a weakness of will.  My body could've used it.

Wednesday, Nov 19:
I debated whether I wanted to do hills or intervals on the treadmill, to get ready for an early December B-race.  I ended up doing neither, because going at 7.2mph at 3 degrees of incline was feeling really difficult as it was.  I ended up doing a tempo-y 5.0 in 39:29, 7:54 ave (7:19 effort), so I was satisfied anyway.

Thursday, Nov 20:
60 min strength session.  Finally, my quads are functioning normally again, after they got really weak while recovering from the Spartan Carolinas double.

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