Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another Lax Workout Week, then Spartaning Up

On Sunday, Jul 20, I flew from Santiago, CL, to Buenos Aires, AR.

Monday, Jul 21 – after work, I was too hungry to delay or forego dinner for a workout.

Tuesday, Jul 22:
4.6 in 39:14, 8:25 ave.  Started fast to get my body moving after a lax week last week.  Did some arms afterwards.  The workout was 2K at 12kph, 2K at 11kph, 1K @ 12, 1K @ 11, ½ K @ 12, ½ K @ 11.  It was structured that way because I couldn’t sustain 12kph the whole time, and it was becoming mentally and physically harder to keep up the same interval lengths as before.

Wednesday, Jul 23 – had dinner out, no workout.  I could’ve otherwise run, but I wanted some people time that night.

Thursday, Jul 24 – flew back home that night, so no workout.

Friday, Jul 25:
Not much sleep on the red-eye.  Caught a nap, once I got back.  Legs were pretty ready for running, since it had been such a lax couple of weeks, workout-wise, while I was travelling.  I did 6.8 in 53:34 at the park, 8:26 ave, with zombies.  I could’ve potentially pushed on for more, but I was going to Charlotte the following morning for a Spartan workout, so it wasn’t a bad idea to not go into overdrive with this.

Saturday, Jul 26:
Andi Hardy was back in the Carolinas, to lead the Spartan Workout Tour.  She had left me hobbling from post-workout soreness last March after the Colombia tour.  She changed things up for this 2-hr workout.  I feel like it was less strenuous than last time.  This time, I feel like there was more jogging in place.  Last time, we were knocking out burpees left-and-right.  We did a zillion lunges, too.  I liked the intensity, in that it pushed me, although it would probably be hard for beginners.  I suppose that since the idea of the workout tour is to drum up interest in the race, for newbies, that toning it down a bit would make the workout and the race seem less intimidating. 
Even though it was toned down, I was still quite sore for the next couple of days.  As I said, we did more jogging in place, but we also did pushups, lunges, squats, burpees, crab walks, and bear crawls…. Just less of them at a time, and not as many sets.  Still a good workout, and I’d still go to more, given the opportunity… it’s worth driving 3.5 hours to do!  It’s fun, with a good sense of comraderie and a good feeling of accomplishment at the end.

After the workout, I explored Charlotte a bit, because I had found out the last week that I may be moving there.  I visited places that I'd likely frequent (different neighborhoods that were recommended, a Total Wine, a Trader Joe's, and a vegan restaurant).  I had a BBQ pulled pork sandwich with collard greens, plus a peanut butter chocolate chip cheesecake to-go.  Nice.

Sunday, Jul 27:
Made this a recovery run.  My upper legs and upper arms were sore, but they felt safe enough to run on.  I started slow, but progressively got faster.  Didn’t do Zombies, needless to say… not ready for that intensity quite yet.  0.75-mi lap splits> 7:53, 7:16, 7:06, 6:47, 6:34, 6:25, 5:55.  5.3 in 48:03, 9:04 ave.  I was strangely thirsty during this run, and that’s what kept me from going farther, for the most part.

Monday, Jul 28 – worked 12 hrs, and body needed a rest day, anyway, after 3 days of workouts in a row.

Tuesday, July 29:
Last chance to squeeze in more training time before travel started up again.  I ended up not going too far, though, and I felt guilty afterwards, for that.  4.0 in 31:14, 7:48 ave at 2 degrees of incline = 7:30 effort.  I had pushed it on the intensity in this progression run.  Splits> 8:15, 7:51, 7:46, 7:21.  I hadn’t gotten as much sleep in the past couple of days, and there’s a lot going on at work and at home.  So, good that I got in something, but kinda wish I had gotten in more mileage.  Oh well, not bad.

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