Thursday, June 12, 2014

Re-entry: Jun2-7

Back from Pton.  Too tired for a strength session by the time I got home on Sunday night.  Lots of emotions, coming back.

Monday, June 2:
The sleep on Sunday night seemed to help with my leg's recovery, which continued throughout Monday.  I craved a workout, so I tried a run at the park, sans-Zombie.  I could've gone on for an extra 0.75mi lap, but I decided to do burpees instead, to get ready for the Battlefrog obstacle course race.  Their penalty burpees are 8-counts where the jump at the end is replaced by a pushup-jack.  If If I'm doing it correctly, it feels much easier than the Spartan burpees, and I did 60 of those, followed by 20 of the Spartan ones.  4.5 in 39:25, 8:42 ave.



Tuesday, June 3:
55 min strength session.  Front shoulders were sore from yesterday's burpees.

Thursday, June 5:
7.2 in 1:01:10, 8:25 ave.  I started the second season of Zombies, Run today.  It was a big one!  In season 1, they tended to take about 43 min, on average.  This one kept going!  Blisters developed in my not-so-good New Balance 858s in the last couple of laps, and I made the last lap a mini-lap.  I was struggling.  My right back had gotten tight in one of the early chases.  My right knee was a bit off afterwards, but it was better the next day after sleeping. 

Saturday, June 7th:
Zombies, again.  In season 2, they give you 3 artifacts per run, which is great.  It took a long time to build anything in season 1.  5.2 in 46:12, 8:48 ave.  Being in the sun vs. the shade makes a big difference in how much you feel the heat and humidity.  My legs felt worn out in the morning and not in the mood to run, but it eventually loosened up a bit to where I could override that feeling.  I needed the run to clear my mind today, and it did help. 

Later... off to Argentina!

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