Thursday, June 12, 2014

Argentina Pre-World Cup

Sunday, Jun 8:
Got in, walked around BA.  Saw a mini-Iguazu Falls, in the middle of the widest avenue in the world.

 And my closest encounter with the Obelisk thus far:

After that, a much-needed nap.  Then, the treadmill.

8K (5 mi) in 44:22, 8:56 ave, at 3 degrees of incline.  The first treadmill was an old but surprisingly usable one, but it stopped after 25 min, maybe due to some internal time limit.  I hopped on to a newer one, since it had freed up, and finished the run.  Did the first 7K easy, then cranked it up fofr the last 1K.  Felt a wee bit under-carbed after the nap, so I ate a few goldfish.  After the run, I did some arms, including 30x 8-count burpees with jumps, to cover the Spartan side and the Battlefrog side of my preparation. The temps were decent in the gym, because it's winter here.

Monday, dinner out with colleagues.

Tuesday, Jun 10:
Started by running, but that only lasted 3 min.  My legs felt too injury-prone that night, so I biked instead.  Level 6/10 felt hard and pushed my quads, so I only did 40 min, followed by some arms.  It was a non-recumbent bike.  I listened to a beer podcast, instead of reading a magazine.

Wednesday, too tired to work out.  Dinner out.  No strength for a strength session afterwards... still feeling full.  It was a local place, but it had fun decorations, big portions, and pretty good food.

Thursday, flew out.  Here's the Buenos Aires airport, on the night of the opening match of the World Cup.  Argentina always roots for whoever is playing against Brazil.  They have a rivalry, and it's funny to hear my Brazillian friends express their opinions.

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