Sunday, April 6, 2014

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Comfort & Food

One of my sorta-traditions at airports is to get froyo.  This brand was very nice.  I went for the Mint flavor.

Upon arriving in Argentina in the morning, I hit the gym, while waiting for an upper-floor room to free up.  I only had a couple of bites of fruit available for breakfast, so I wasn't too peppy for the run, on top of the little wiggle room while trying to sleep during the 10 hour flight. 

I managed a more-challenging-than-normal 6K, although all treadmill runs are less bearable these days.  7K in 34:40, 8:25/mi, 3 degrees of incline.  This gym had nice equipment, with a variety of machines, with TVs, and a variety of weights and accessories, too.  I wasn't starving afterwards, but I was excited when I got down to the buffet for brunch.

The food in Argentina at the hotels and even the cafeteria at work is so colorful, with an incredible variety of fruits and veggies.  I load up when I'm here.
The hotel room ended up being awesome and well worth the wait.  We were right on the British Tower.
Had a literal boatload of sushi:
Something I enjoy each day is napping during the hour-long bus ride to and from work.  When work is so tiring (meaning work before work, 1 bus ride, 9 hours at work, 1 hr bus ride, and more work after work), it's a comfort I look forward to, and it does a lot to supplement what would otherwise be 6 hors of sleep.  Makes a huge difference.

On Tuesday night, got in a recumbent bike session while reading a running magazine.  20K covered in 50 minutes.  Drank 3/4 a liter of H2O.  This was an hour after a big meal of salmon and sautéed veg from a takeout place, so I was in no condition to run, even though I was due to run.  I enjoyed a non-vegan but all-natural tiramisu afterwards.  If I'm going to splurge on a rare (nearly unprecedented) treat like that, post-workout is the time to do it.  It's not often that you encounter all-natural deserts, so I went for it.

Wednesday was a national holiday, so when I tried to go to the gym at night, they were already closed for the day.  I did a strength session in my hotel room, instead.

Thursday, I went out for a white carby dinner.  It was for the experience.

Friday, I got in a run at last.  9K in 47:23, 8:28 ave, 3 degrees.  Even though this workout was also 1 hr post-salmon, it was a smaller portion this time, and I walked a bit after I ate, so I felt much better and able to run.  I guess the pace isn't bad, given the incline.  It felt like an easy pace.  I think not running for 5 days had something to do with that.   

I feel like I had a super-high dose of Argentina culture last trip, so I didn't go out at all this trip.  Just getting stuff done.

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