Saturday, August 31, 2013

Shanghai 2013

Tuesday, Aug 13 - Mile repeats.  4x [0.25 mi @ 7mph, 1 mi @ 7.8mph (7:45 pace)].  Total: 5.0 @ 7:54 pace.  Only 7:54?  Felt like speedwork, but it wasn't terribly fast.  I was supposed to do 6 reps, but 4's fine, given the risk vs. need for recovery.  Right back was tight from the start, though it was mostly noticeable after the run. 

Wednesday, Aug 14 - 55 min strength session.  After a 12-hr workday with tons of meetings on end.

Thursday, 15 - 6.0 in 48:46, 8:08 ave.  Marathon-pace "tempo" run (supposed to do 8, but satisfied with 6, and it was getting riskier).  Felt like my immune system was a bit down today, so napped.  Glad to get in 3 workouts right before travelling.  Not much of an appetite for the food available in my apartment for the last few days.

Friday - flew to Shanghai

Saturday - Explored Xintiandi and Tianzifang.  At night, did a difficult 3.7 mi in 34:04, 9:08 ave.  The run was much harder than it should've been.  Ran in the Brooks Pure Grit for the first time.  Worked well.

Sunday - Explored Wuzen Water Town

Wednesday, Aug 21 - 7.4 in 1:08:35, 9:11 ave.  Took me a few moments at first to figure out that the treadmill was in Ks and not Miles for paces, so I got a slow start.  Felt more adapted to the warmth in the gym this time.  Easier.  Also took it slow.  Had a carby lunch and dinner. 
Friday, Aug 23 - 4.3 in 38:07, 8:46 ave.  Harder than 2 days ago, but not as hard as last Saturday.  Left knee started getting loose, so had to relax it during the swing to mitigate the risk.  Progression run. 
Also went to a Sports Bar with ex-pats, to join my Aussie colleague in watching Aussie rules football with some Aussie beers.
Saturday - Explored the Bund, where you have colonial-era buildings on one side, and modern skyscrapers on the other side.
Here's a close-up of the Pearl Oriental tower... can you spot the workers?
Flew back to the US.
Sunday, Aug 25: A good 15.6 miler at 8:51 pace on the Swamp Rabbit trail.  

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