Sunday, August 11, 2013

Aug 4-11: On the Mend

Thanks for the encouragement, Lindsay!  I'm glad to report that things are looking up.  I've been doing some squats every couple of days to speed up the strengthening, more than my typical once per week.  My runs are gradually getting longer, although I'm favoring well-cushioned shoes.  My speed has waned, but that can usually be recovered with a few weeks of work.  My endurance was never really there to begin with, since I don't think I got quite enough rest after my trail running push earlier this year.

I re-wrote my training plan.  I took out one of the easy runs from the original Hansons Plan, because I really need more rest days.  I'll try to do runs longer than 16 miles, because I can't wrap my head around being able to do a good marathon on only 16 mile max long runs, even if it does follow a medium-sized run on the day before.  I will try to do some running the day before the long run, though.  Other than that, and some mileage adjustments (down), it's mostly like the Hansons plan.

That's the optimistic plan.  I've tended to not hit the Hansons paces or mileages.  Oh well.  I'll be happy with whatever I manage.  I know that I'm doing as much as I reasonably can without risking injury (and apparently, I even crossed that line).
So... here's how things have been...
Aug 4, Sunday: An 8.8 mi run on the spongy surface of the Swamp Rabbit trail, doing repeats of a 0.87 mi (one way) out-and-back.  Wished I could've managed more, but I had gone from running 90 seconds [limping], to 2 miles, to 2.5 miles, to 5.0 miles, to 8.8 miles over about 10 days.  8.8 was just fine.   It would've been risky to go another lap.  A few hours post-run, I felt like I could've gone on another run, which is a good sign.  Ave pace: 8:45.  It was in the shaded morning.
Aug 5, Monday: 55 min strength session.  Quads didn't shake uncontrollably like last time.  A good sign.
Aug 6, Tuesday: Intervals.  It was supposed to be 4x1200 repeats at about 6:50 pace... I did a 0.5 mi warmup in 4:06, then 0.75 mi in 5:08 (8.8mph), 0.25 off at 7.5mph, and that was taxing, so I just did whatever distances I could for the remainder of the run... 0.5 mi in 3:26 (8.8mph), 0.25 off at 7.5mph, then 2x [0.25 mi in 1:44 (8.8mph), and 0.25 mi off at 7.5mph], then a 0.15 mi cooldown in 1:08.  In total, it was 3.4 mi, at 7:26 average.  When I'm at peak fitness, I can handle 4x1200 at 6:40 pace, so I'm not surprised that I couldn't hit it.  I didn't do anything close to it, but I'll get there with time.
Aug 7 - Chose to rest - slept 11 hrs!!!  Could've potentially biked, but I had a marathon-pace 8 miler planned for the next day.
Aug 8, Thursday: Managed 5.0 at 8:13 pace.  Varied the speed by 0.1 mi up and down from 7.3mph while changing the incline between 0 and 2 degrees, to even out the stresses.  The run felt tougher than it should've, but happy just to do 5.  First run in the Virratas.  Felt like the Kinvaras.  One is 0 drop, and one is a 4mm drop.  Didn't really notice the difference.  Good-looking shoe, though, huh?
Aug 9 - Could've run, albeit on tired legs, but I had a big weekend of running, so I saved it.
Aug 10, Saturday: Supposed to be an 8 mi easy run.  I did 7.0 at 8:37, a decent pace.  Just did what felt comfortable... maybe a bit fast, but that feels better on the treadmill than slow does.  Had to sip water every mile for some reason, even though I'm usually well-hydrated, and it was a comfy 73 degrees.  My resolve had been waning at mile 4, but then, coverage of the IAAF Track and Field championships started showing on NBC, and it gave me a huge mental and physical boost... well, maybe just a mental boost, but I got a physical second wind at the same time.  Later in the day, felt like I could run again.
Aug 11, Sunday: A run, with the first half in a downpour, with loud thunder directly overhead.  I prefer running in t-storms over running in the sun... don't want skin cancer.  The second half was sunny, but that's ok.  I stayed on the spongy surfaces on the Swamp Rabbit Trail again.  I set out to do 13, but I managed 12.2, which I'm happy about.  While I was out there, the Swamp Rabbit Cross Fitters were working out, and that gave me an adrenaline boost every time I passed by their building, which was 14 times because of the out and back, haha.  Cross-Fitters and Iron Man triathletes have always had huge respect from me.  What they're able to do is mind-boggling. 
Fueling: 30 min before the run, I needed an energy boost, so I had a Nature Valley Protein bar.  At mile 6, I had a Bumblebar (mix of fat, protein, and carbs).  I drank a big bottle of lemon + salt water, starting from mile 6.  After the run, I had a protein powder + greens powder mix and Nature Valley granola bars.  Once home, I had a carrot and a pickle, followed by oatmeal.
Happy Runner.


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lindsay said...

Glad to hear things are better! I'm overly paranoid now, haha. Smart to adjust the training. I made myself a spreadsheet as I work back into it and am trying to not "need" to make up runs if I miss one during the week. I need to chill out a little instead :) Those shoes make me think of watermelon! Love fun colored and bright shoes.