Thursday, July 4, 2013

2013 Mid-Year Review

Weekly Mileage:

Red = Week with a 30K race
Green = Week with a HM
Orange = Week with a race approximately 10K
Yellow = Week with a 5K

Scaled for cross-training (recumbent biking @ 2 mph of effort and strength training @ 2 mph of effort):

Snapshot of Mileage on each Shoe:

Life Highlights:
- 5 continents in 6 weeks of nearly non-stop travel.
- Loved Amsterdam

- Loved relaxing in Rio

- Hang-gliding in Rio

- First time in Africa... specifically, South Africa (I'm intent on going back, running the Comrades marathon, then going on Safari at Kreuger at some point in my life)

- Got into trail running, doing a 12K, a HM, and a 30K

- L&N's Wedding + Mini-reunions

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