Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 15-21: Back in Buenos Aires

A business trip brought me back to Buenos Aires for a week. 

I arrived on Sunday and toured the Casa Rosada, which is where the president works.

(At sunset, after they took down the flag)

(From the balcony)

(Where president are sworn in)

Monday, too much to take care of in the morning to get in a workout.  In Argentina, they don't eat dinner until like 9pm or later, normally.  We went early, but we still didn't get back to the hotel until 11pm.  Don't know how they do it.  So, no workout after dinner, either.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I managed 40 minute runs on an old but surprisingly usable treadmill.  The console didn't work, so I had to estimate my mileage, but the ride was smooth, at least.

The first two runs were in the morning, before breakfast.  Makes things easier, to not have to worry about post-run recovery fuel, since you can shower and go straight to breakfast.  With after-dinner runs, I have to find more food afterwards.  Thursday, I went after dinner.

I ventured out to some cafe/bars built in the 1850s for dinner a couple of nights.

(Super super sweet hot cocoa, churros, and a turkey sandwich)

(Cafe Tortoni's)

(Bar Federal)

Lunch was held at a restaurant that usually does dinner+tango shows at night.  It was always a 3-course meal.  All excellent quality, although some of the stuff I didn't eat much of just because even the appetizer was filling enough, and some of the stuff is just not my style.

I enjoy meeting people.  It's a different group than last time, so it feels like a different trip.  The team includes people from Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Columbia on the business side, plus people from Australia, the UK, and the US from the IS side.

Friday after work, caught the flight back to the US... we left at 3pm, and I wasn't home until 3pm the next day due to a long layover.  Tired!

Saturday, caught up on the 1hr strength session.

Up next... off to Philadelphia, after only a few hours back home.

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lindsay said...

ahhh so jealous of your work trips. glad you were able to squeeze in a few runs!