Sunday, March 18, 2012

RACE REPORT: St. Patty's Day 5K 2012

Training this week:
Monday - Some speedwork.  Usually, I would've done it a week out from a race... not 4 days, but I kind of felt like it was appropriate to "train through" this one.  I haven't done speedwork in a while, and I'm still getting back into normal training after the marathon.  I did a 1 mi warmup in 8:14, then 3 x [1/2 @ 9mph (3:20), 1/2 @ 7.5mph (2:00)], 1/4 mi cooldown in 1:56.  That's 1/2 vs. the 3/4 of 9mph that I do when I'm pushing to my max.  3.5 in 26:11, 7:29 ave.  Got some turnover.  Glad it went well.  Had 2/3 a bottle of water+salt+lemon juice.
Wednesday - 4.0 in 33:09, 8:17 ave.  I imagined it would be somewhat of a recovery run.  Oh man, the first 1/2 mi dragged on forever, but it got better after that.  I ran using small steps at times, and it felt really energy-efficient, and it felt good to change up the muscles getting used. 

Race Prep:
I had no idea how the 5K would go.  I hadn't run one since August of last year.  Anything from a sub-20 dream PR to 21:XX would be possible.  It was only 2 weeks since the marathon, and it takes a month to recover, but I also have marathon fitness and endurance left over.

I had some good sleep on the night-before-the-night-before, but less sleep the night before.  Good enough overall, though.

Woke up at 5am, drank, ate bread + Italian hazlenut spread, drank instant decaf, had my hot shower to warm up. 

Drove out, arrived at 6:30am, sat in the car until 6:45am.  Walked half a mile to the morning packet pickup at the baseball field.  Got a really nice brilliant yellow long sleeve tech tee, with a fit and materiali similar to the shirt I love from the Resolution Run HM. 

Went to the bathroom a couple of times.  It had been super warm... record highs this week, but the morning was actually a bit cool, and I needed to keep warmup clothes on.  Sat on a chair and watched as the sun got lighter.  Tried to determine if it would be overcast during the run... partially. 

With about 20 minutes til race time, I dropped off my bag at the gear check, took a gel for the first time before a 5K to try to get an energy boost.  Jogged the 1/3ish of a mi to the start as a warmup.  Small bit of dynamic stetching and range of motion leg swings. 

Good excitement at the race start.  It's a first-annual race, and they did a good job.  Dramatic music at the start.  Then, we were off.

The Race:

(Photo credit: St. Patty's Day 5K)

Starts with some downhill.  Then up... then up and down and up and down.  Rolling.  Nothing bad, but it kept things interesting. 

Splits> 6:38, 6:43, 6:08, 1:26.  Seems like the 3 mi marker might've been off.  I feel like I might've positive splitted, but it's hard to tell.

Shortest race recap ever.  The race went by sooo quickly!  Umm... had a water stop at 1.5.  Had like a mouthful from it.  Temps were a bit warmer than ideal, but nto bad.  There was one girl not far in front by the end.  Tried to kick, but it wasn't enough.  Didn't kick soon enough.  Could've started earlier, felt the pain a bit stronger and longer, but she had a kick as well and beat me by 1 s. 

16s off my PR, not bad.

Got food, got my bag, took pictures.

Watched a touching presentation for the Make-a-Wish foundation.

Then, AG awards.

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lindsay said...

Solid 5k so soon after a marathon! I am clearly out of the racing/running loop as I had no idea this was going on!