Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mar 18-25 : Training for the Hunger Games

Not really, but the movie is awesome, and it's going to make me a lot more excited to train than normal!

I read the book over Xmas break, and I've been really excited leading up to the movie release.  Be prepared to maybe see more HG training in future posts! 

Mar 18: 6.7 at the park.  It was 76 degrees.  I feel like we skipped winter completely... sad... it's my favorite season.  I like snow.  Oh well.  I practiced grabbing water bottles off of tables, the way elites do.  Not that I'll ever need to use it, but it's kind of fun to pretend.  My bottle had lemon + wate juice + salt... some people picture themselves chilling out on the beach, drinking a beer with buddies.  I picture myself with a glass of cold water + lemon + salt.  Whatever's so refreshing to you during/after a run is what you learn to love.  My bottle was a normal plastic water bottle that I filled up, not a typical re-usable bottle, so it was squishier.  Pollen started this week.  When I run, I do fine.  But it irritates my nose and eyes any other time.  6.7 in 58:37, 8:40 ave.

(Washing the sunscreen and pollen and dirt off of my face.  Always a good feeling.)

Mar 19: 1 hr strength session.  Overdid the dumbell rows, jumping from 50ish to 80 in one leap (8lbers), after doing 40-50 for a long time.  It felt fine at the time, but I felt baby back strains for a few days afterwards. 

Mar 20: Oh man, a night run.  My first, I think.  I did a night walk just before Xmas, to see the lights, but I tried a run this time.  I went with reflective gear, but without a light, thinking I'd be fine with whatever streetlights and natural lighting there would be.  I started out with a mile+ on roads, then onto a golf couse.  It was hard running on a course that had lots of dips and slopes.  There was no moon, maybe due to clouds, so footing was tough.  You'd suddenly jerk down or up if the ground got lower or higher.  After maybe a mile of jolting, I got to a flat section and did that for maybe a mile+, but then some backyard lights came on, and people let their dogs out, and they started barking, and I started booking it out of there as fast as I could, haha.  I've had a couple of bad experiences with dogs before.  The backyard was adjacent to the golf course, with no fence, so I wasn't running in a backyard or anything, but I wasn't going to take any chances.  Finished with maybe 1.5 more miles of roads.  I didn't really enjoy the experience.  I wasn't able to go very fast or safely.  Won't be doing that again any time soon!  5.0 in 43:14, 8:39 ave, according to the Garmin.

Mar 21: Treadmill hill session!  Toughest to date.  2 x [1/2 mi @ 1 degree, 1/2 mi @ 5 degrees, 1/4 mi @ 10 degeres] @ 7mph, 0.6 mi cooldown @ 1 degree.  3.1 in 26:14, 8:28 ave.  According to the hill conversion, 1 degree = 8:32 pace, 5 degrees = 7:19 pace, and 10 degrees = 6:21 pace.  I was pretty tired after these 2 reps, so I stopped there.  I may be able to work up to doing another rep after a bit more practice at this level.  Legs were tired the next day.

Mar 22: Saw Hunger Games.  Schedule didn't work out for me to do a LR.  Bought shirt, pin, books, and bow.

Mar 23: No LR accomplished today, either, but I did get to explore the trails at Emory... I found another half of the trail system... maybe even more than half, that I never saw before.  My legs were tired.  Maybe because I had no breakfast before the run.  Maybe because my legs are still recovering from the hill session.  Before the run, I found myself a bow and some dirty looking rope.  I ran with it the whole time. 

With the trees, I don't think the Garmin would've been able to maintain a sattelite signal, so I didn't even try.  Guessing at a 8:45 pace, with 1:07:04 logged, that's an estimated 7.7 mi.  Not the 13 I had hoped for.  Seems like I have trouble getting back into LRs after marathons.  Maybe I just need to slow down so that I can make it the whole way.

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