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Feb 6-12: Last Big Week - p

This week....
Work's still pretty busy - 13hr days every day, so I didn't feel like reporting after each squeezed in workout.  Here's a recap of the week.

Monday - Strength session. 

Wednesday - 3.5 mi of some hills on the treadmill.  It was 30 min after dinner, which made me feel borderline ok.  Felt kinda warm in the gym, 74 degrees.  I did 0.5 @ 7.0mph as a warmup, then I did 3x[ 1/2 mi @ 5 degrees, 1/2 mi @ 1 degree] @ 7.5mph. 

7.5mph @ 1 degree is 8:00/mi, and 7.5mph @ 5 degrees is 6:54/mi.  Source:   I was excited to do hills after reading blog that she had a big marathon PR after really just doing a lot of hills. 

The last hill repeat was hard, and I did a cooldown walk outside afterwards to literally cool down, I felt a bit queasy in the tummy, but it was fine.  I like how the hill reps break up monotony.  3.5 in 28:16, 8:05 ave. 

Friday - Tempo-y run on the treadmill (1 degree as always).  5.8 mi in 46:35, 8:02 ave.  It was 30 min after a second dinner (had a snack at 5:30 and the 2nd dinner finished at 8:30).  The dinner still digesting probably had some impact on the run, but it was okay, maybe because I broke up the dinner into 2 sessions.  I felt pretty fast from the start and kept up the pace.  I stopped mostly because the gym was closing, otherwise I would've probably gone on to do 6.2.

Saturday - I love Saturday night church.  I look forward to going very much, I'm sad when it's time to leave, and I wish it was on more days.

Sunday - Last long run before the taper!!!  20 miles.  No real looking forward to it... just know that it's there to do.  The plan was to go in the morning right before sunrise, but it was going to be "feels like 8 degrees" outside, and I was cold and not particularly energetic.  I did eat breakfast at 6:30 (toast with olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper, plus warm skim milk with instant decaf and cocoa), and I wanted to see how long it would take for it to digest and make me feel ready to go.  It probably took like 1.5 hrs - good to know for the big race.  I won't have dairy on the day of the race and maybe the day before, but I'm normally big on getting my calcium and all of that.  I felt tired and cold, though, so I went back to sleep until 10am.  I ate some more, and I decided to just go in the middle or end of the day.  I went for the end of the day so that I could maybe minimize sun exposure.  I cleaned up a bit around the apt and waited it out. 

Eventually, I went out.  Had my fuel and gear and water prepped.  Started going.  It was warm by then... upper 30s, probably.  A long sleee tee was enough, and at times, even that felt too hot.  I wanted to practice race-day fueling, so I had one chocolate-covered expresso bean at mile 2, a mini-Clif bar at mile 5.5, 1/4 bottle of water+salt+lemon juice at mile 10, a PowerBar gel with 50mg caffeine at mile 13 which went down nicely and was okay even without water, and another 1/4 bottle of water at mile 18. 

At first, my inner left ankle was tight - need to watch out for bringing back my plantar fasciitis, which I got over after about 5 months.  My right butt was tight for most of the run - need to stretch out that piriformis, and I may want to rethink doing a bike session next week, since that always irritates it. 

It's crazy when you say to yourself "oh good, only 9 miles left".  The first part of the run always feels like it takes a long time.  My Garmin was supposed to have like 3.75 hrs left, but it died at about mile 19.5.  Good thing I set my watch as a backup.  I read about someone's experience with Boston and how during the hills, he just watched the painted lane line and didn't look up to get through it.  The last part of my run is this long, steep uphill, and I liked that tactic. 

After the run, it was mostly relief.  Finally done.  $ is mostly in the bank.  Thanks be to God for bringing me through the training cycle.  I'm ready for the race to get here already, done with training. 

20.7 in 3:00:09, 8:42 ave.  I did this run 3 weeks ago in in 3:03:14 (8:51), so that's good.  My legs were tired.  Hard to imagine how I'll keep it up for another 6 mi while going a good bit faster the whole time, but it'll work out.

After refueling a bit with whey powder+cocoa+decaf, plus a few carrot sticks, I went to Publix.  My left shoe was tied too tightly, so it made me limp.  I couldn't make it comfortable, and after feeling the relief of taking off my shoe in the store, I contemplated walking around the store with one shoe.  I loosened up the laces a bunch, though, and that provided relief.  Next, I contemplated curling up somewhere in the store and resting for a bit.  I was chilled and kinda tired.  But I didn't.  Once I got back into the car with my groceries, relief from sitting down came over me, and I kind of wanted to just sit there and rest.  I wanted food, though, so I started driving, and the Kelly Clarkson song "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, stronger" came on, and it wa apt, and I couldn't resist...

A re-enactment:

"Ohhh, it feels so good to sit down.  I want to stay here in the warmth and sleep.  No, my hunger wins out.  I'll drive home.  [radio turns on]"

"Stronger what doesn't kill me makes me stronger"

I went home, made a quesadilla with fat-free cheddar and hot salsa, had decaf, strawberries, a few peanuts, then I took a nice hot shower.  After that, I had some tart cherry juice.

I normally don't drink juice, but I throw in some beet juice and tart cherry juice when the marathon nears. 

Round 2 of refueling: Morningstar Farms Asian Veggie Patty, Banana, Goldfish, Mixed Greens, Graham Cracker. 

Round 3: Tortilla Chips topped with Smoked Salmon and garlic or onion, Tangerine, Warm skim milk with vanilla.

Maybe 1300 calories over 6 hours.

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