Saturday, June 24, 2017

RACE REPORT: Brew Dash 5K 2017


Sunday, Jun 4:
Run on a gravel trail, 7.6 mi in 1:10:18, 9:15 average.  Nose breathed it the whole time, not intending to, at first, but the pace was easy cardiovascularly.  Legs weren't in the mood for a treadmill run, which would be more jarring, so this was just what I needed.  Afterwards, I hit the obstacle course at the whitewater center, doing just a little to get my arms more conditioned for it.  Then, I went on a walk around the man-made water course, doing sets of push-ups (30, 20, 20, 15) along the way.  It was a good combo workout of running and some upper body, for Green Beret Challenge Behind Enemy Lines (GBC BEL) & OCRWC.  Otherwise, in bed most of the day.  The workout and movement makes me feel better.

Tuesday, Jun 6:
35 min strength session... they tend to be half as long these days, maybe because of the types of exercises that I'm doing.
  • Sit-ups AMRAP in 1 min: 38, 40, 40 = 118
  • Push-ups AMRAP in 1 min: 30, 25 = 55
  • Plank: 2.5, 2.5 = 5
  • Squats: 100, 100 = 200
  • Pull-up and hangs: 6 pullups, 10 toe touch
  • Flutter kicks (4-count): 60
  • Mt Climbers: 100
  • Assorted dumbell exercises
Wednesday, Jun 7:
6.0 in 49:33, 8:16 ave, 2 degrees of incline.  Did this on tired legs.  Paid for it a little.  Outer right knee complained a little bit mid-run, left achilles felt pulled afterwards but not during.  I guess it's good that I usually listen to my body and don't run on tired legs.

Friday, Jun 9:
 The GBC will involve rucking.  I felt like I needed at least one rucking workout (not just hiking, but an incline workout) as, at the very least, a confidence booster.  I took my ruck to the gym at work.  It was heavy hauling that in by hand!  I didn't want to put it on my back, and dirty up my work clothes.

The workout:
3 x
[1/2 mi @ 5* incline, @ 4mph (15:00 pace), 1/2 mi @ 7.5* incline, 4mph (15:00 pace),
1/2 mi @ 5* incline, @ 4mph (15:00 pace), 1/2 mi @ 5* incline, @ 5mph (12:00 pace)]
a good, doable mix of incline, some speed, and recovery.  I like it!  Afterwards, met up with a former colleague for BBQ and catching up!

Total, 6.0 mi in 85 min.

Saturday, got my oil changed.  Did a bit of geocaching while waiting.

Sunday, Jun 11:
Explored some new-to-me trails at the Whitewater center, since I cared more about time on my feet and general conditioning, than hitting a particular mileage or time goal.  It was nice to mix it up and discover some cool little trails off the main trails.  My favorite was one called the "Toilet Bowl", which may be named because you start at the top of a ridge and kind of circle down into a valley... and there's actually an old literal toilet bowl somewhere along the trail, too!  It was fun.  The run went better than expected.  8.1 in 1:26:42, 10:42 ave.

Monday, Jun 12:
Running might've been doable, but would've been a little risky, given last week's results when I tried to run on legs that weren't fully recovered.  I could either bike or row.  I decided to go for rowing, since it would help a bit with grip strength and pull-up ability, too.  It was a great choice - whole body cardio.  I went hard, trying to make it 5K in under 25:00, when I saw that my initial 1K split was good.  I pushed hard, and made it in 24:33, 7:55 ave - very comparable to a reasonable 5K run pace!  I ended up besting my previous 5K Concept 2 Rowing time by over 3 minutes!  The next day, though, my right back was tight, and my left foot was a bit fractury.

Tuesday, Jun 13:
60 min bike session.  30 pushups afterwards.  Covered 13.4 miles.  Went at level 13, instead of 12, for the first time.

Then, tapering.

Thursday, we did go to the Whitewater Center for River Jam's concerts, and for watching all of the cool activities they offer there.


My parents came to visit, which was great.  I dragged them out to the Whitewater center early in the morning, since I like to get there early.  I had gotten 2nd last year, and was hoping to do something similar this year.  I felt like I'd be in better shape this year.  The start was at a nice pavilion, with music going.  They had separate races for a competitive timed run vs. the fun run, so the people out here in the early morning were out to race hard.  It was a little warm.  Like at Noda, there was one girl doing extended warm-ups... usually a sign of an elite runner.  I'd get tired just from their warm-up.  I did my usual 2-min warmup and dynamic stretching with 15 minutes to go.

We were off... I went out fairly hard, because at trail races, you don't want to get locked into a spot by too many people.  I was battling 2nd and 3rd in the first mile.  We'd take turns passing each other.  Fortunately, the trail they picked is pretty wide, so passing is possible.  I took 2nd by mile 1.5, I think, and I had to keep it going.  I was afraid for a time that I'd blow up, a little like I did at Rugged Maniac NC, when I felt like I had something to prove and went hard early on.  I held on pretty well, though, settling in behind a line of three guys for about the last mile, then kicking it in, up the uphill finish.

After finishing, we cheered on the other runners.  My mom's an excellent cheerer.

My dad makes an effort... he is more of a photographer.

They didn't really have overall prizes, but they had age group prizes, which was good.  First place did get the Brew Dash version of a champagne shower - a Noda Beer shower.  1st finished several minutes ahead of me, so I probably don't have much of a chance.  The prizes are great, as usual... Noda 4-pack, a pint at the brewery, and a hat.   

Afterwards, the beer festival!  $6 for 4x4oz tasters to some great local breweries who have swag, too.

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