Sunday, April 30, 2017

RACE REPORT: Triple C Brewing's Know Your Craft 5K 2017


It was nice being in Charleston for the weekend of the Rugged Maniac.  I've been doing the "10,000 burpees in 100 days" challenge in the Facebook group, and this was the prettiest place that I've done burpees for that thus far.  The set on the summit of Crowder's Mountain was awesome, especially since the crew from local Southern Spartans was also there and a few joined in, but my hometown can't be beat.


Sunday, Mar 19:

The day after the race, I went to Charles Pinckney National Historic Site, which is about a mile from where I spent most of my childhood.  I had even done a middle school history day project there.  I like to collect National Park Service Stamps, and since getting my own passport (vs. the family one we'd been sharing for years), I hadn't been there.  I rucked the ranger-led tour, to multi-task, and covered about 2.2 miles.  It's a pretty small site, but it's nice to have something like that nearly in your former back yard.

I really wanted to get some miles before the long drive back, figuring that I wouldn't have the energy or time to get to the gym by the time I had gotten back.  I therefore delayed my drive home and ran 6.0 miles, throwing in another burpee session at the dock towards the end.  It was temo-y, going 7:43 pace for the first 5.3 miles, since I wanted to finish quickly, and the last 0.7 mi were recovery pace just trying to get through, after the burpees.  I got home at about midnight.

Monday, Mar 20:

I did this day's workouat at midnight, after taking a 3 hr nap beforehand, to make up for the 5 hrs of sleep from last night.  5.0 in 41:59, 8:23 ave, after 150 burpees.  My right outer knee was a bit off during the ruck to the gym, but it was ok during the run.

Tuesday, Mar 21:

Biked 13.8 miles after 150 burpees.  My right outer knee felt like it was missing a bit of cartilage, so I massaged it.  As much as I like being in shape, I probably need to let this heal a bit, to not compromise the marathon. 

Wednesday, Mar 22:

6.0 in 48:37, 8:06 ave, 2 degrees of incline.  Felt pretty good.  Last run before the 5K, after 150 burpees.

Thursday, Mar 23:

Biking is the most I'll do in the two days right before a 5K, and I normally wouldn't even do that.  But I felt suprisingly good today, even after 150 burpees.  13.8 miles in 60 min.


After having debated about whether to do this race, I signed up, after winning some cash at my previous brewery race.  This race had cash prizes, too, which attracted more fast runners, I think.  I'm posting more than a month afterwards, so I don't remember all of the details and feelings anymore, but I'll do my best.

I got in early to ensure parking.  It was actually a morning brewery race, so it meant post-race beer for breakfast ;)  I had one rest day from burpees, so it wasn't a full taper, but the lead-up pre-race training-wise and race-day was otherwise typical.  During the warmup, my legs did feel a bit swollen and not too fresh, but warmups aren't always an indication of how the race goes. 

There were a bunch of fast-looking runners and triathletes at the race, with team kits from high school or college.  The 2016 results showed times way faster than me, but I felt pretty good about my chances at an age group prize.  It was a bit crowded in the beginning, but I caught people throughout, even though I did go out a bit fast.  It had rolling hills, and I was happy with the effort that I put out.  The course went through the South End neighborhood in Charlotte, which I've been wanting to see more of.

I ended up 4th female, surprisingly, and 1st AG.  I wasn't hard on myself for not getting 3rd, since the time was a good bit faster than me, and I already felt like I surpassed my own expectations with 4th with this level of competition.  3.1 in 20:32, 6:36 avewhich is near my typical 5K time at which I've plateaued, but actually about 8s faster.  It may even be my 2nd fastest 5K, or near there, so I'm happy. 

Afterwards, brews.

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