Thursday, August 4, 2016

Spartan Workout Tour - Charlotte 2016

Sunday, July 17:

The day after the 5K cross-country race was the Spartan Workout Tour, Charlotte 2016 edition.  This was my third or fourth SWT.  I love them, because you get a good workout, you get in the Spartan spirit, and you get a shirt, stickers, and other little swag.  All I had before the 8am workout was an oz of chocolate and half a bottle of water.  I was pretty much fine - considered eating a bar that I brought, but didn't need it. 

The format of the workout was similar to the one from last time, which has way fewer burpees than the one I did the first time.  Andi Hardy has hosted them all, and she's great and inspiring. 

1) Warmup of jogging in place, high knees, butt kicks, and jumping jacks
2) 5 basics - a] push-up, b] squat, c] backward lunge, d] burpee, e] mimic pull-up
3) Mysterious Multiples mini-workout... I think it was "mysterious"... something with an M... anyway, it was 10 burpees, 20 squats, 30 push-ups, 40 backwards lunges (which are very much easier on the knees than forward lunges), 50 mimiced pull-ups. 
4)  Leonidas's Ladder... 5-4-3-2-1 of each of the 5 basics
5) Animal Movements - ABCDS - Ape, Bear, Crabwalk, Duck, Seal... Seal was terrible... we dragged our legs through what may have been poison ivy or something... the next few days were miserable, with the rashes and cuts.  It affected my sleep and everything.
6) Partner Exercises - One doing sit-ups and one doing mountain climbers for a minute or 30s or something; Lunge jacks with double-high-five mid-air; Crawl under high plank and jump over legs; Burpee and roll alternating; Squat holding partner legs while partner does a push-up for a minut eor something
7) Squat circle and Sit-up circle as a big group

Later that evening, I did a bike session, to try to get in more miles for the Amerithon.  16.2 mi in 1 hr.  I had either taken the SWT session easy, or maybe it was easy.  I craved cardio.  My legs weren't up for running, so bike it was.  I didn't go hard on the bike, either, but I did get sweaty. 

Wednesday, July 20:
Did 5.5 mi in 49:08, 8:56 ave, at 2 degrees of incline = 8:33 effort.  This was my second time on that Xterra treadmill at the hotel, and it was still hard this time, even though it was a cool 67 degrees.  The treadmill must be what's difficult, then.  Hardest one I've met, yet.  The incline feels higher than what it says, and the speed feels way more difficult than it suggests.  Sleep has been bad, due to the poison ivy or whatever I got.

Thursday, July 21:
60 min strength session in the hotel room, adding towards my Deez Nutz WOD counts:
  • Burpees: 40+40
  • Push-ups: 25+15+15
  • Jumping Jacks: 200+150+100
  • Squats: 115+105
  • Flutter Kicks: 95+60+75+70+55
  • Plank: 3+2.5+2
  • Mt Climber: 100+100+35
  • Sit-ups: 55+20+30
Left outer knee was a bit off, but ok in later sets.  Quads look big in the mirror during squats.

Saturday, July 23:
60 min bike, for more Amerithon miles.  17.1 miles.  Squeezing in a workout before catching a flight!

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