Sunday, August 16, 2015

RACE REPORT: Ready for Fall 5K 2015

After the Toronto trip, it was catching up on workouts, again.  I had run around in Toronto, just to efficiently get from place to place, but I did no real intentional runs.  I went a record 5 days (not post-marathon) of no intentional run sessions.

Wednesday, July 29th:
50 min strength session.  Would've run, but slept through gym closing time, so did strength at night, instead.  Low on sleep, after all that travel.

Thursday, July 30th:
Ended the running drought with a 6.0 in 49:52, 8:19 ave, 3 degrees of incline = 7:41 effort.  Forced myself out of a nap to do this.  Body didn't want intensity, but a steady pace was fine.  Nose-breathed the whole time.  Not hard, although afterwards, my head hurt a bit from the oxy deprivation.

Saturday, Aug 1st:
Zombies at the park.  6.2 in 51:27, 8:14 average.  Legs slow and not zippy at all.  Hard to run fast.  Odd.  Before breakfast, but had stayed up late and had been eating only hours before, so didn't miss the fuel.  Run was mentally/physically hard to get through.

Sunday, Aug 2nd:
Tried zombies again.  6.2 in 51:37, 8:17 average.  Tons of dogs out, some unleashed (even though they're not supposed to be, at this park), so many detours.  Was going to do an easy run, but legs felt ok enough to try the Zombies.  Legs weren't fresh, but they made it.  Did some catching up on sleep today.  Left foot has felt a bit stress fracturey, especially in the morning, but they were ok during the run.  Not worried.

Monday, Aug 3rd:
Truly catching up on runs.  A rare 3rd day in a row.  Easy run at the park with no zombies.  Wanted to just zone out, so I listened to a Geocaching podcast.  Left butt was oddly sore.  6.2 in 55:24, 8:49 average.

Maybe could've forced a 4th day of running on Tuesday, but decided it was better to rest.

Thursday, realized that I was signed up for a 5K XC race on Saturday, so didn't run... ended up with a 4-day taper.

I love the rare annual chance to run in spikes on the Miliken Arboretum.  Lots of HSers and MSers, as usual.  At the start, they all raced out (as prompted by coaches and parents), and I was behind 80% of the field.  It was crowded, with the short distance of the race and the number of people closer to my speed than adult-based races, but I passed people the whole way.  This race doubled as the Southern Regional Road Racing Association of America Championship.  I ended up with a nice 4th.  Unfortunately, there was an issue with my timing chip, and they didn't realize til after the awards were given out, that I had gotten forth.  That's fine, though.  The place and knowing that I did well was what mattered.  Pacing was pretty good.  Splits> 7:06, 6:58, 6:57, 0:38 for 0.1.

Geocached in Spartanburg, afterwards.  They have a special challenge to get a set of caches all over the city, to earn a geocoin.  Encountered some cool ones along the way.

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