Saturday, September 6, 2014

Back in the US and Labor Day: Aug 16-Sep 2

Saturday, Aug 16 - In ATL, I helped my sister move out of her apartment.  She's going to NYC.  I'm going to miss visiting her in ATL, although NYC is going to be fun, too.  Travel is just a bit more complicated, with less of an opportunity for last-minute trips.  I should have run, wish I had run, but I was too lazy after the long flight and slept, instead.  Carrying stuff back and forth at least got me moving, though.

Sunday, Aug 17:
Zombies at the park in the evening.  6.1 in 50:35, 8:18 ave.

Monday, Aug 18:
1 hr strength session.

Tuesday, Aug 19 - Decided to sleep, because my body felt so off.  Slept 7pm-2am, then 4am-6:30am.  Took maca root.

Wednesday, Aug 20:
I had been eating lots at work and after work this week - stress?  a different schedule than the one in Argentina?  making up for a calorie deficit of some sort?  Had to fight to get this run done - my body felt off, and my head has been feeling off all week.  Plus, I had to stop due to a bathroom need.  2 degree treadmill, 4.0 in 32:37, 8:09 ave.  Splits> 8:30, 8:19, 8:10, 7:36 = 7:50 ave effort.

Thursday, Aug 21:
After laying on bed half-asleep for a while, then doing dishes to wake up my legs, I decided to go for intervals, to do a real workout for the first time in a while.  I was surprised it worked, and it was a good workout, too!  I was glad to be able to throw down the 15 miler a couple weeks ago, then do this speed session, without much prep.  I did some arms afterwards.  Feeling better today.

The workout: 4:04 for 0.5 mi warmup, 3x[0.75mi @ 9mph (5:00), 0.25mi @ 7.5mph (1:58)], 3:27 for a 0.5mi shakeout.

Saturday, Aug 23:
After eating, I was barely able to run, let alone do Zombie fartleks, so I just did a normal run at the park.  Slow, but better than nothing.  Did pushups afterwards.  Loop Splits> 7:54, 7:28, 7:11, 6:58, 6:51, 6:34, 6:12.  5.2 in 49:12, 9:22 ave.

Sunday, Aug 24:
Legs felt used in the morning.  Figured I would do an easy run, but my legs were feeling good, so I got in some decent miles until it got dark, and my legs were getting tired.  8.2 in 1:15:56, 9:12 ave.  Splits> 7:49, 7:29, 7:12, 7:14, 6:54, 6:47, 6:33, 6:34, 6:27, 6:05.

Monday, Aug 25 - legs were recovering today.  Body still tired and sick-ish.  Slept only 5 hrs last night, due to long naps in the daytime on Sat/Sun.

Tuesday, Aug 26 - legs still recovering.  Too risky to run.  Body didn't even feel safe enough to do a strength session.

Wednesday, Aug 27:
Stressful day.  Tired, but not as bad as usual. Had chocolate beforehand.  Decent base run.  5.0 in 40:39, 8:08 ave, on a 3 degree treadmill = 7:31 effort.  Splits> 8:31, 8:21, 8:15, 8:03, 7:27.

Thursday, Aug 28:
After 1/2 a night's sleep, did a 1 hr strength session at 2am.  Not in the mood to use the elevation mask for some reason.  Good session, though.

Friday, Aug 29 - spent the night packing/cleaning, in preparation for a trip to CHS to visit my dad, while my mom and sis were in NYC for my sister's move.

Saturday, Aug 30 - didn't make the effort to wake from my evening nap to go outside for a run, or to run late at night in the gym when I woke from the nap.  Regretted it.

Went to Westbrook Brewery, which is not far at all from where I live.  I heard about it from the Craft Beer Anonymous podcast, and if those beer critics loved it, it must be awesome... and it was.  I shared a flight of sours with my dad, followed by a brewery tour.  Such a little place, close to my home, makes such good beer!

Sunday, Aug 31:
Did 3 2.25 mi laps around the neighborhood while my dad biked alongside.  Didn't think the third lap was possible, but my dad encouraged me to do it.   Charleston is way more humid than Greenville.  Didn't have breakfast before the 8am run.  Didn't miss the food, but I missed the water.  I only drank a bit beforehand.  A lame week for workouts.  6.6 mi in 1:00:27, 9:06 ave.  Splits> 20:51, 19:20, 20:11.

Went shopping that day.

I wish I had bought this, which I found in the kids halloween costume section:

Afterwards, we went to the boardwalk in Shem Creek, which made me wish even more that I had bought the dolphin.  It was pretty and relaxing there.

I even saw a stand-up paddle boarder with a dog!  Stand-up doggie paddle board!

Although I didn't get the dolphin, I did find a shadowbox table, so I was finally able to make my beer cap table!  Only about half of my caps fit, with this design, though.  I like it.

Monday, Sep 1:
I had woken up this morning with what felt like a torn glute.  Maybe it was from moving furniture around over the weekend.  It improved a wee bit as the day went on.  After driving back home, I managed a run ok.  4.0 in 32:25, 8:06 ave at 2 degrees = 7:47 effort.  Splits> 8:28, 8:14, 8:07, 7:34.

Tuesday, Sep 2:
I planned to race on Friday.  I barely made it out to the gym, and I only managed to get in 2.6 mi before it closed, but with the race and the need for my back to heal up, it was probably for the best.  Better than nothing, and I felt pretty good.  2.6 in 21:13, 8:10 ave.

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