Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dec 14-26: ATL->GVL->CHS->FLA->ATL->CHS

Like a pinball machine...

Back from Buenos Aires, spent the night in Atlanta before heading back to Greenville.

Dec 15, Sunday:
Got in a 7 mi 2 degree incline run before the drive.  Went at an average 8:01 pace (7:42 effort), breathing through my nose the whole time.  I was light-headed by the end of it, but it wasn't excessively difficult.  Having no runs in the past 3 days helped.  Did some arm and ab exercises afterwards, felt so good.  Sore, the next 2 days, from the 35 burpees. 

Dec 18, Wednesday:
The treadmill in my apartment complex is getting progressively more broken.  Before, the monitor was slanted such that you could barely tell what distance you were going.  Now, the incline feature doesn't work, either, so I was relegated to a 0 degree, 4 mi run.  I was happy just to get in 4 miles, though.  I had to tear myself out of tiredness to get it in. 

Dec 19, Thursday:
1 hr strength session.  Foam rolling today felt really good.

Friday, drove to CHS after work.

Dec 21, Saturday:
Got in a run before our drive to Disney.  4.4 mi on mostly grass, with a bit of pavement, at 8:04 pace.  It was a bit tempo-y, because of the time crunch. 

Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom:

Favorite Rides:
Expedition Everest in the Asia section of Animal Kingdom is an awesome roller coaster.  The following pics are from the Kali River Rapids ride, but you can see Everest in the background.
The Safari ride in the Africa section is the next best thing to a real safari!
Another highlight of the Disney Theme Parks: The Smoked Turkey Legs:

Monday was a rest day, since we had gone from 8am->1am the previous day.
We went to Downtown Disney, where I got a vegan Cookie Crumble Donut and a vegan Gingerbread Chocolate Chip Loaf Slice at Babycakes NYC.  They were delicious.  I ate the two over the course of 3 days.
The resort where we stayed had resident peacocks.  Here are the girl peacocks:
We were back at it in the parks on Tuesday (Xmas eve), this time, with my mom:
Epcot->Hollywood Studios->Magic Kingdom
(Dad photobombing Paddington Bear)
The Tower of Terror was awesome, especially at night.
Got to dance with a Chipmunk, who was a surprisingly incredible dancer, even in the costume:
And at night, watched the fireworks again... very crowded, so get your spots early:


Drove to Atlanta the next day, where we spent the night.  My sister's apartment complex has free coffee.  I would like in the coffee room if I lived there.... there and the gym, which is much nicer than mine.
The next day, drove back to Charleston.  My butt was numb from all that driving.

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