Sunday, May 26, 2013

Apr 21-29: Recovering from the Morris Dupont Trail Half Marathon, Beers - p

Catch-up post...


Apr 21, Sunday: 1 hr of biking, to get bloodflow going the day after the Morris Broadband Dupont Trail Half Marathon.

Apr 23, Tuesday: 4 mi @ 3 degrees of incline @ 8:23 pace.  Felt suprisingly strong, but I was mentally finished after 4 miles... not much stamina.

Apr 25, Thursday: 4 mi @ 2 degrees of incline @ 8:10 pace.  Pumped arms to reduce leg pounding.  Sped up a lot in the last mile (7:23 pace) because someone was waiting for the treadmill.

Apr 27, Sautrday: 15.1 mi long run in the park @ 9:48 pace.  I had a month in between the Trail Half and the Trail 30K (18.6 mi), so this would be my stepping stone run.  Took it really slow, but legs were still thrashed from the previous weekend.

Apr 28, Sunday: 55 min of body-weight strength.

Apr 29, Monday: 4.5 mi of Intervals @ 1 degree of incline (7:24 ave pace).  0.5 mi warmup in 4:12, 4x[0.5 in 3:20 (9mph), 0.25 in 2:00 (7.5mph)], 1 mi cooldown in 7:48.


I once a round table that was covered with beer bottle caps, many years ago.  Very clever.  I decided that I'd start a collection of caps, so that I could make one, too.  It will go in my future house. 

I decided to start my collection a little before my South Africa trip.  With the trips, I had lots of opportunities to get beers, although right during that trip, they made a rule that we couldn't buy alcohol anymore.  It would've been fun to get caps from around the world.  Oh well.  My colleagues from around the world are still going to try to help me, though.

Trader Joe's, and lots of other stores, sell beer by the bottle, so I select a carton and fill it up.  Half a bottle (more like 2 swallows) is really enough for me, so I often save the other half for the next day.  Tastes the same to me... it may be even more palateable the next day.  My rate is about 1 per week.  It will take me a while.  Maybe I'll post updates on the size of my collection every now and then.

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