Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3-day Stint at Home, Brazil, Argentina

It felt so good to squish into my bed again... so soft and gooey feeling compared to the beds at the hotel.

After coming back from Mexico, I had about 72 hours at home before it would be time to go out again. 

Wednesday >  Intervals: 1 mi wup in 7:58, 4x [1/2 @ 9mph = 3:20, ¼ @ 7.5mph = 2:00], 1 mi cooldown in 7:29. 36:48 for 5 mi, 7:22 ave.  Legs speedy from start.  Left outer knee felt like some cartelidge missing.  Otherwise, the run felt pretty ez, given the long period since speed session. Altitude training in Johannesburg then Mexico City probably helped. Had to go to toilet for last mile, otherwise could’ve maybe kept going. 3 hrs of sleep last night.
Friiday > 6 mi in 47:29, 7:55 ave. 2 degree treadmill, = 7:36 effort. Splits> 8:32, 8:11, 7:58, 7:47, 7:41, 7:17. Hard to pull out of evening nap as usual, though not as bad as in the past. Legs felt good from the start, ez to be speedy. Mind tired, though body was really fine. Right back tight. Toilet emergency 10 min post.

Saturday > 60 min strength session.

SUNDAY, flew out to Brazil...

Monday, March 4. 7.1 mi in 1:01:38, 8:36 ave. Road run. Smoggy, mostly sunny, trafficy. Wore a visor, Saucony Paramount shoes (good for walking or running), Nathan ShadowPak, Paddington Bear, and my Camera.  A bit stop-and-go due to picture taking, directions finding, and traffic.  I went all the way to the jockey club just to have a special destination to go to.  Unfortunately, they didn't look like they were letting visitors in.  I wouldn't repeat the run, since it was so smoggy, but I had wanted to do it, despite the smog and the concrete, just to be able to say that I've run in Sao Paulo.

Tuesday, 40 min bike. Took 15 min to build up to level 7/16.

Thursday, 50 min bike. Lev 6/16.

SATURDAY, off to Argentina.... for the 7th time.

This would be my 6th week of travel in a 5-continent tour...

Saturday, 10PM, March 9th. Went form 11->12.9mph. 11k = 6.8 mi in 55:24, 8:06 ave.  At 3 degrees of incline. Wore the Brooks Green Silence, Adidas compression socks, tight tech tee. Heavier arm workout afterwards. 695 cal, w/o weight entry (so it's really 1/2-2/3 of that). Treadmill wobbly. K Splits> 5:17, 13, 11, 09, 05, 02, 4:59, 56, 54, 46, 39.

Would’ve run Sunday night, but walked a lot that day, and didn’t feel up to it after a late Buenos Aires dinner.  They don't eat until like 9-11pm.  I normally eat at 5:30 or asap after I get home.  Got to tour around a bit today.  Caminito is one of my favorite spots in BA.  The buildings are colorful because the people would use leftover paint from the shipyards to paint the houses.  In these houses, one family would live in each room.

Monday, March 11, 6am, pre-breakfast. 8K = 5mi in 39:52, 8:01/mi. 2 degrees of incline. Warm. Green Ssilence w/ Adias compression socks. 10.5->14kph. Pushed it a bit because limited time before I had to go to breakfast and work, but still progressively faster. Splits> 5:20, 10, 03, 4:58, 56, 52, 50, 39. Used non-wobbly left treadamill this time.

Tuesday, March 12, 10pm. 1 hr after dinner – felt it - bleh. 11K = 6.8mi in 56:00, 8:12 ave. At 2 degrees. Legs had felt a bit sore in the ankles Mon night, but felt fine Tuesday morning. Would’ve run in the morning, except exhausted this week! Ready for home and trail running. Green Silence w/ Adidas compression sox. Signed up for a small 1/2 marathon last night. Not trained at all for LRs, and I prefer a trail LR, but still very excited to go home for this. Just need to somehow rest up. Did some arm dumbells after the run. Wish I had the time to train 2x/day… this is like having gym access... like it.

Wednesday - watched street tango at the intersection of Lavalle and Florida Streets.  Amazing stuff!


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