Monday, February 25, 2013

South Africa - Animal I-Spy

After Amsterdam, it was off to South Africa.  Last year, there had been a chance that I was going to go to South Africa, but it didn't work out.  I was disappointed, because I had been so looking forward to the continent of The Lion King.  LK had been my favorite movie as a kid.  This year, the dream became a reality - first time in Africa!

We stayed at a casinio complex, Emperor's Palace, the Las Vegas of Africa.  It had lots of restaurant options, which is useful because you don't have to worry so much about the safety of getting around SA on your own.

At the gym, I was excited just to run next to Africans.  I would love to go to Iten, Kenya, one day. 

Monday, 30 min bike interval session: 30s on, 30s off, with a 5 min warmup andn 5 min cooldown on both sides.

Tuesday, 3.7 mi on the treadmill on my own, to get in a decent workout before going on a rare-for-me group run with 2 guys from work.  We went for 3.3 mi outside, doing laps around the complex.  It was good, and it's a good feeling when you can get in miles with ease while feeling like you had a decent workout.  The sun in South Africa really does have a certain golden glow to it that illuminates things in a way that the sun in other regions doesn't.

Wednesday, 10 mi.

Friday, 50 min bike session, comfortably hard.

I really enjoyed the people in South Africa.  Very friendly and good to work with.

Saturday, Safari!  We went to Pilanesburg National Park.  Cars pay a small fee to go in and drive along the many paths however you like.  You look for animals along the way.  It's like a treasure hunt, because the animals can be a bit camouflaged or far away sometimes.  Many times, they're right next to the road, too, though.
(One of the park entrances)






(Wildebeest and Warthogs)

(Not my jeep - we were in a van... wish we had an open-air jeep)



(.... aaaaand, Ostrich, which tastes great... like fillet mignon)


Sunday, went to Soweto to get a different view of South Africa.

(Nelson Mandela's House)

Cool country.... would love to go back one day.  I want to do the Comrades Marathon (really, 55-miler), although that will take some training.  I also would like to go to the much larger Kruger National Park, maybe with a jeep.  That would make a nice trip, huh?  Run a lot, then spend a few days in Kruger driving around while resting your legs.

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