Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oct 30-Nov 15 : The Taper Period for Philly 2012 - p

Oct 30, Tuesday:
1 hr strength session.

Oct 31, Wednesday:
4 in 33:30, 8:22 ave.  Left knee yoinky a few times; seems to be better when I go into auto-pilot.  Once I try to focus on landing well to not yoink my knee, my knee yoinks.

Nov 2, Friday:
4.5 in 35:06, 7:48 ave.  Did a mini speed session.  1 mi warmup in 8:39, 2x[1 in 7:04, jog 800 in 4:23], 1/2 mi cooldown in 3:32.  It was cardiovascularly tough!  I was at my sister's place in ATL doing this run.  Maybe it's the treadmill... my runs on there have historically been tougher than they should've felt.  I made curry for dinner.. probably not the best pre-run meal... good to know.

Nov 3, Saturday:
8 in 1:11:10, 8:54 ave.  Meant to do 12, but I did the 8 with hills, and I was done after 8.  I did 2x[1 mi @ 1 degree, 2 mi @ 3 degrees] @ 6.7mph (8:56), then 8:53 and 8:34 @ 1 degree to shake it out.  No knee yoinks, though! 

Somehow managed to not get sick even while spending the weekend with a sick sister.  Yay veggies and tea.  I loooved having all the time in the world, not knowing what to do with myself, while my sister was in bed recovering.  Gave her water, made her food, went to take out the trash to get in a walk... it was fun taking care of her and spending time with her... unfortuante that she was sick, but we got to spend a lot of time together.

(chicken and tofu curry with lots of veggies and Trader Joe's wild/brown rice medley)

Nov 4, Sunday:
12.5 mi... last real long run, in 1:50:26, 8:50 ave.  Before the run, felt confident that I could finish it easily.  I have endurance now.  Had a prune before the run... I like tangy/sweet stuff before runs.  Sat in my tummy like a rock the whole run... good to know.  After the run, I paid special attention to refueling well. 

Nov 5, Monday:
Last strength session, to make sure I'm completely recovered by the marathon. 

Nov 7, Wednesday:
5 in 38:31, 7:42 ave.  1 mi warmup in 8:20, 3 @ 7:26, 1 mi cooldown in 7:51, where I held back.  Felt pretty easy!  Nice. 

Nov 8, Thursday:
3.4 in 28:15, 8:19 ave.  Base run.

Nov 10, Saturday:
8.5 in 1:13:24, 8:38 ave.  Had to hold it back the first half, but it got hard the second half unintentionally.  Hope it was the heat... 70 degrees.  I comforted myself with the thought that it's good that I don't feel 100% now, since that would mean that I may be peaking 1 week early.  I was really sleepy afterwards, feeling as if I had run 20 miles! 

Nov 11, Sunday:
35 min on the bike... really easy.. just get in a bit of cardio.  Didn't want to run... my leg muscles felt kinda sticky.

Nov 13, Tuesday:
I was going to run on the treadmill after Bible study and right before the gym closed, but someone was on the one and only treadmill, so it was out to the streets with me!  But it turned out to be a good thing: I  practiced specificity with the ground surface of asphalt and a shoe that's similar in lightness and flexibility to my race-day shoes (Saucony Kinvaras on race day, Brooks Green Silence for this run).  I also tested wearing a long sleeve tech tee in cold weather - got hot quickly... so I'm going to continue to stick with a sports bra or a singlet at most.  4.0 in 31:53, 7:57... a decent clip, and it felt great!!!

(wore an extra-visible shirt this time)

Wednesday - got my usual pre-goal race haircut... ready to fly with that extra lightness!

Nov 15, Thursday:
Planned for an easy 3, but my knees got really yoinky at 2... they've been poundy all day!  Need to ice them, probably.  I managed to go 2.5 in 21:29, 8:36 ave.  Concentrating on good nutrition for the past 3 weeks especially... going to carboload starting Saturday morning, maybe Friday evening. 

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